You will remember that months ago we had reviewed the HomTom HT7. Today we return to talk about his successor, or theHomTom HT7 Pro.

While not enjoying impressive specifications, the price certainly makes it an attractive product. But to find out more about this device, don't miss ours Full review!

HomTom HT7 Pro - The review of

HomTom HT7 Pro - Sales package

The sales package is totally made of cardboard, with the smartphone's name on the front and the technical characteristics indicated on the back. Inside there are:

  • HomTom HT7 Pro;
  • wall power supply with Italian outlet da 5V e 1A;
  • USB / micro USB cable;
  • protective plastic film;
  • user manual in English.

HomTom HT7 Pro - Design and Materials

The HomTom HT7 Pro comes with one shell in plastic. The same material is also used for the side frames, where the design that distinguishes them is similar to the brushed aluminum. The rear body, albeit removable, it is solid and well assembled. The side frames are slightly sharp in the corners.

Homtom ht7 pro

As for ergonomics this device is definitely not the best on the market. The dimensions are of 155.4 x 77.8 x 9.2 mm and frames are quite generous.

They do not help 198 grams of weight, which are felt in everyday use.

Homtom ht7 pro

The right perimeter profile is completely free, while on the left one we find the volume balance and the button Power.

The upper part is characterized by the presence of the entrance mini jack from 3.5 mm. Below we find the micro USB input, the main microphone and two slits, of which only the right one containing the speaker.

Later we find a camera from 13 mega-pixels with single flash led, as well as the name of the device at the bottom. Below the body we can access the double slot Micro SIM and that micro SD.

Frontally we have the Notification LED, green or red. Next we see the ear capsule, i proximity sensors e brightness and the camera from 5 mega-pixels.

Below are the three keys soft touch, not backlit, therefore difficult to detect when the light is off.

HomTom HT7 Pro - Display

The display is a IPS da 5.5 inches diagonal with resolution HD 1280 x 720 pixels.

The screen does not presents no type of curvature and at the edges the frames, slightly more raised, are sharp.

Homtom ht7 pro

As said we are facing a IPS and as such the color rendering è good, with blacks that tend slightly to gray turning the viewing angle. The generous frames highlight this feature of the panel most.

Homtom ht7 pro

Il processor that moves this HomTom is a MediaTek and within the settings we find the now known voice of the Miravision, which allows us to adjust the color calibration that is more suited to our needs.

Under the direct sunlight the brightness it is sufficient even if the sensor results lazy, always taking a few seconds before adapting to the new environmental condition.

Il touch screen, with multi-touch up to 5 touches, fails to be satisfactory as it often turns out to be "woody" e poco pressure reactive. For what concern oleophobic treatment the device leaves enough to be desired.

Homtom ht7 pro

HomTom HT7 Pro - Hardware and Performance

The HomTom HT7 Pro is moved by a MediaTek MT6735P, Or a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 with architecture a 64 bit and maximum clock frequency of 1 GHz. Complete the hardware equipment one GPU Mali-T720 together with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage, expandable through micro SD to 128 GB.

Overall the SoC behaves very well, although not one of the best around. Even in the phases of intensive use it never heats up excessively and tends to to consume poco, preserving the battery of the device in the best possible way.

After prolonged use of more performing games and applications it tends to heat up in the back, near the camera, but does not reach noteworthy temperatures.

Homtom ht7 pro

The ability to 2 GB of the RAM are more than enough to fully exploit the potential of the device, without ever incurring imputations of sorts. The internal memory from 16 GB could make many people turn up their noses, but it represents the minimum union for a smartphone of this type. However, there is expansion via micro SD.

HomTom HT7 Pro - Benchmark

HomTom HT7 Pro - Camera

Turning to photo gallery we can not be satisfied with the results achieved. First of all theapplication of the camera is that MediaTek stock, which makes the user experience poor in content and personalization.

In optimal conditions of light the sensor behaves sufficiently, but tends to return one color calibration poco likely and a background noise high. The outlines of the subjects we shoot fail to stand out and the colors are quite mixed and poco sharp.

The single LED flash helps slightly to better illuminate the environment in some situations, not being powerful enough to return a noteworthy result. There focus it is, in spite of what one may think, reactive, though not lightning.

La front camera it offers slightly shorter results than the latter, maintaining the same criticalities previously mentioned.

HomTom HT7 Pro - 720p HD video recording test

The videos are shot at maximum resolution 720P, saved in the dated format .3gp. No stabilization is available.

HomTom HT7 Pro - Audio

Also the sector audio does not reach sufficiency. There speaker power è good but the quality is absolutely to be reviewed, as it returns a croaking and bass-free sound.

The situation improves significantly with the use of headphones, also thanks to the system equalizer which, if set up properly, gives some satisfaction.
Note the presence of the FM radio that does not present critical issues.

La telephone part and instead promoted. In an ear capsule the sound is clear and the voices are clear and well defined. In speakerphone the audio problems obviously come back to light, even if in this case the sound is slightly cleaner.

Le calls are fluid and there are no drops in the line, managing to make us feel good even from our interlocutor.

HomTom HT7 Pro - Connectivity

The HomTom HT7 Pro supports the dual Micro SIM, managing to offer even connectivity LTE 4G. The reception è excellent and there are no connection drops during its use. Using a card TIM we did not find any problems with the 4G networks.

On board there is also the Wi-Fi of type 802.11 a / b / g / n, fast and responsive in connecting networks. To complete this sector we find the Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS. Regarding GPS it is a duty to report a general operation good, stained by some signal losses when used by car or on foot.

HomTom HT7 Pro - Software

The system installed on the HT7 Pro is Android Lollipop 5.1 embellished by the personalization of the menu icons and some functions related to gestures. The presence of the function is interesting Smart Wake that allows to memorize a sequence of movements with the screen off, able to open the relative application.

Among the pre-installed applications the most useful is "Software lock" which allows you to store and type different passwords when opening all those applications that we want to be protected.

Homtom ht7 pro

Il browser system offers, finally, a good experience e poco distant from that of Google Chrome, returning a fluid and responsive scrolling of pages.

HomTom HT7 Pro - Autonomy

On board the HomTom HT7 Pro there is a 3000 mAh. The device is poco energivorous because of the panel in HD and the processor that does not turn out to be particularly stingy with energy.

With a use Medium-intense, characterized by Wi-Fi and data connection active alternately during the day and all active sensors, the device has exceeded 5 hours di active screen, about 11 hours of total use.

As regards the charging times we have been able to ascertain that the device takes approx 3 hours to reach the 100%.

HomTom HT7 Pro - Conclusions

We have reached conclusions! THE'HomTom HT7 Pro has proven to be a device reliable e nice enough in daily use.

Its strengths are represented bygood battery life and from the fact that the software installed both an Android Lollipop version practically stock, which limits the problems related to custom ROMs to the maximum.

On the other side we also have the negative sides due to the overweight, to one camera is not excellent and to a unsatisfactory audio segment, although the results are better with the use of earphones or headphones.

L'HomTom HT7 Pro is for sale on Amazon at a price of 83.99 €.

All the features that we have done in this review must, therefore, be compared to the cost of this device, which can certainly be an interesting product. At this price, it is worth taking seriously into consideration.