[GUIDE] How to deceive the Playstore

In this new tutorial, we're going to see how to "mesh the Playstore" by making it believe that you are using a device other than the one you actually own.

This little "deception"Will allow us to eliminate all the restrictions adopted by the Playstore by actually allowing us to install every app inside it.

market helper

For the success of the tutorial we will use the application "Market Helper", Which through some procedures will allow it"spoof"Of our terminal without having to change the"build.prop". It is therefore a fairly safe app that does not require you to restart your smartphone after the changes, but the need to have permissions remains root.

The only prerequisite will be to activate the "unknown sources”So as to allow the smartphone to install the application.

IMPORTANT: The procedure described in this guide presents operations that, if performed incorrectly, could damage your device. It is recommended to run only by users who have gained good experience in modding for Android. The staff of will not be held responsible for any damage to the device.

How to deceive the Playstore

You can find the complete guide on the our forum (section Android), and we invite you to participate in the discussion and stay tuned for any updates on the procedure.

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