Elephone S3, our complete low-cost bordeless review

In the past when we were talking about Elephone we were many (including myself) to turn up their noses, especially for the high-level data sheets that, then, turned out to be a flop in the use of every day.

However, the bad reputation of the Chinese producer seems to be a distant memory, since the build quality of the latest devices has risen considerably; today we talk about Elephone S3, a device with a good quality-price ratio but above all elegant and refined.

Elephone S3

Elephone S3 is available on MyEfox a 164 € with shipping from China. Using the discount code gizchinas35 you can take advantage of a reduction on the final sale price of 5 €.

Elephone S3, the complete review of GizChina.it

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Elephone S3 - Sales package

Inside the very compact aluminum sales box within which theElephone S3, We find:

  • Elephone S3;
  • European wall charger with USB input and 2A output for fast charging;
  • USB data cable - micro USB;
  • SIM removal pin;
  • instruction manuals and warranty.

Elephone S3 - Design and materials

Elephone S3

One thing that immediately catches one's eye, one must admit, is undoubtedly design; already with the new ones Elephone P900 e P9000 Edge the company has proven to have got back on track and, proving this Elephone S3we have had the actual testimony.

The Chinese company's mid-range device, in fact, is characterized first of all by an all-aluminum body with a non-removable body and treated in every minimum finish; excellent light and precise milling along the perimeter frame of the device that, in this way, you can grasp and comfortably use even the small size.

Elephone S3in fact, it is big alone 141.5 x 69 x 8.3 mm and weighs 167 grams that, seen and considered the materials of realization, appear to be well balanced and distributed along the whole body of the device.

The other very interesting gem that aesthetically characterizes theElephone S3 it is the borderless display; almost without perimeter edges, the screen supplied with Elephone S3 it is impeccable and makes the smartphone even more elegant.

What makes the nose turn up, however, is how the manufacturer has rounded the side edges of the display, accentuating a c2.5D curvature perhaps a bit 'too showy and slightly annoying, making slightly less attractive what should have been the fundamental gem of the entire construction sector.

Elephone S3

However, by analyzing the device more closely, we can see that on the left side there is the trolley for the insertion of the SIMs. or of micro SD to expand internal memory.

Elephone S3

On the right side, however, Elephone has inserted the power button, lock and turn off as well as those for volume adjustment.

Elephone S3

At the top, then, we find the only 3.5mm jack for headphones (not included).

Elephone S3

In addition, below, theElephone S3 It is equipped with a single speaker flanked by the connector Micro USB for charging as well as the main system microphone.

Elephone S3

Elegant and precise, however, is the sensor for detecting fingerprints placed on the back cover of the device; it is slightly recessed and is well finished, so as not to get dirty easily (as often happens in sensors finished with mirror-like effect).

Elephone S3 - Display

Elephone S3

Elephone S3, as anticipated, is characterized by a display borderless da 5.2 inches with resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel, on a panel of type IPS a PPI 424.

The color quality of the panel is really excellent; good viewing of the contents under the sunlight, excellent colors and viewing angles. Present, then, too Miravision to set the colors in a customized way.

However, what makes the nose turn up is the effect that is created along the edges of the display, which is rather annoying to see and seems to be like a piece of glass cut badly reflecting light and does not actually show the images reproduced.

Elephone S3 - Hardware and performance

Elephone S3 does not belong to the high-end market, it is not a top of the range and it is not even for Elephone that, at the moment, everything is being played with the P9000 and P9000 Edge output.

However, the device currently under analysis is certainly not to be underestimated, given the presence of a good one Mediatek MT6753 Octa-Core ARM Cortex-A53 1.3GHz, 3 GB of RAM LPDDR3 RAM a 800 MHz and a GPU Mali-T720 MP3 a 450MHz (x3 core).

Beyond the hardware that probably could not hit many, the software optimization in this case gains many points to the device that, in everyday use, seemed to be fluid, reactive and perfectly usable without too many limitations.

With the usual performance tests in the field, starting with the reproduction of video samples, we can say that Elephone S3 is able to reproduce movies in an excellent way up to Full HD in MP4 ed MKV with codec h264 while I 4K they are not supported.

The video game test, then, has brought good results with a stable and constant framerate during the various sessions played on Asphalt 8; the title, in fact, was found to be fully satisfactory in terms of performance, not putting excessively the device in difficulty despite the graphic details set to the maximum.

The device browser is the stock of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which manages to ensure overall acceptable performance as well as in everyday experience even in the web browsing benchmarks that we have made with special software, of which, to follow, you will find examples.

Elephone S3 - Antutu Benchmark

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Elephone S3 - Audio

Relatively the sound quality of the speaker supplied to Elephone S3, we can say with certainty that we are in front of a mediocre speaker and that in any case it exceeds sufficiency.

The output volume is quite good even if the quality of the audio, together with the equalization, is certainly not impeccable.

Elephone S3 - Connectivity

Regarding the aspect of connectivity, the device of Elephone apparently amazes but in the field tests did not excite us; the smartphone, in fact, shows in the 90% of the situations the availability of reception (even where other top of the range do not arrive), but trying to make calls or surf the internet, we realize that we are facing a false signal.

The same goes for the Wi-Fi network that works well in the close proximity to the access points, but it loses some points in the distance.

Elephone S3 - Camera

Elephone S3

Equipped with a sensor Sony Exmor IMX135 from 13 mega-pixel in the back and one from 5 mega-pixel CMOS in the front, Elephone S3 in the photographic sector, without doubt it is not an ace.

The Chinese producer, once again, has left the camera application stock which, therefore, is the classic of Mediatek with the sources Google.

The quality of the shots taken is not excellent; the device takes only sufficient photographs in all conditions, but nothing more. The shots, in fact, are slightly pasty and poco defined, as well as seeming perpetually out of focus given the not very well defined lines.

At night the flash operation is not excellent; the lighting that can guarantee is equal to 5 in a scale up to 10, while the front camera takes acceptable photographs in poor light conditions compared to the average of the devices in circulation, even if the definition is not very high.

Elephone S3 - FullHD 1080P video recording test

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Elephone S3 - Software

With on board Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Elephone S3 is one of the few Chinese smartphones recently tested to be in possession of the latest Android distribution. The graphical interface, and in particular the personalized launcher of Elephone, it is aesthetically pleasing even if there is not a few lag too much that disappears completely if we use Launcher3 (another launcher available on the smartphone natively).

Performance, however, is good during everyday use and the device does not seem to suffer in any situation; Elephone S3 it is fluid in daily operations and has not shown compatibility problems with any apps we use.

Elephone S3 - Autonomy

Probably the worst aspect of this Elephone S3 it is without a doubt autonomy; equipped with a battery alone 2100 mAh, the device makes it difficult to accompany us until the evening and with non-stressful use it led us no later than 19 with poco less than two and a half hours of active screen.

Unfortunately, it is the hard price to pay due to the thickness, the overall dimensions and the reduced weight of the device.

Elephone S3 - Photo Gallery

Elephone S3 - Final considerations

In principle the new mid-range of Elephone has convinced us, if not for some small things that make him lose points in the report card, primarily the battery and secondly the camera does not measure up.

However, the user experience is excellent, the design appears premium and decidedly refined; in the price range within which it is placed, or poco below the 200 €, Elephone S3 it is a sensible purchase and recommended almost to 100%.

Elephone S3 is available on MyEfox a 164 € with shipping from China. Using the discount code gizchinas35 you can take advantage of a reduction on the final sale price of 5 €.