Cubot Coswheel A-one: folding, electric and smart bicycle

Apparently Cubot has decided to extend its range beyond the scope of smartphones only by collaborating with a startup together with Coswheel. The result of this collaboration should be something truly unique: one electric, foldable and smart beaker.

Especially in the most hectic and crowded city environments, bicycles are an effective means of getting around quickly, avoiding traffic jams, parking problems and fuel costs. In addition, it is a way to exercise and keep fit. Cubot-Coswheel-2

La Cubot Coswheel A-one, so it will be called, could be the perfect solution for bicycle lovers thanks to the fact that it is foldable, compact and easy to carry. The device will weigh 15.6 kilograms, about as much as any other normal bike, counting that it also has a battery that should last around 45 kilometers with a single charge.

Cubot Coswheel A-one: electric bicycle with integrated GPS

Furthermore, the Cubot Coswheel A-one offers smart features, as it is able to connect to devices Android and iOS by monitoring speed, GPS position and bicycle conditions.

Without a shadow of a doubt it is a very interesting product that could have some success and if you want you can learn more by going on the Kickstarter page of the project, where there are also some short demonstration videos. Keep following us as always for future updates on this.