Last week, as you may recall, we examined an interesting low-cost device: the Blackview A8. We had an overall good impression of this device, despite the limitations highlighted in our full review. Today, however, the younger brother of this device ends up under our lens, namely the Blackview A5.

In the face of a technical data sheet shared in many ways with many other low-cost devices, we have a sale price to the public so low beyond which it is probably impossible to go down. But in everyday life, it may be a right choice to spend like this poco, or move on to other devices, perhaps moving the bar on your budget poco above? Find out in ours Full review!

Blackview A5 - The review of

Blackview A5 - Sales package

Given the price for which the device is purchased, the range of accessories contained within the sales box is truly complete and, in addition to the smartphone, includes:

  • USB wall charger with European socket and 0.15A output;
  • USB data cable - micro USB;
  • in-ear headphones;
  • transparent silicone cover;
  • quick instruction manuals.

Blackview A5 - Design and Materials

The device turns out to be a lot contained in the dimensions and with rather roundish shapes. Despite being entirely made of plastic bags, It results to be well assembled, with a good solidity and without any kind of creaking. The back cover is very pleasant, with a pixel-like texture that gives greater originality to a rather simple overall design.

Blackview A5

In terms of dimensions, the Blackview A5 It is easy to use with one hand, easily reaching every area of ​​the display. The device measures, respectively 129.9 x 66 x 9.5 mm, with a very light weight of 135 grams.

Blackview A5

Il perimeter frame is made plastic material and integrates on the right side the volume rocker and the on / off button, which, from the construction point of view, are practically almost flush with the perimeter frame, contributing to a very clean and pleasant design.

Blackview A5

On the lower edge there is only the main microphone, while on the upper one there is the input for the 3.5mm jack and the micro USB port.

Blackview A5

Frontally we find the display from 4.5 inches of diagonal. In the lower area, drawn on the black frame and not backlit, we find the classics 3 soft keys with feedback of vibration.

Blackview A5

Superiorly, however, we find the capsule, the front camera from 2 mega-pixels, but there is neither the light sensor nor the Notification LED.

Blackview A5

By removing the back cover, firmly anchored to the body, it is possible to observe the removable battery from 2000 mAh, the dedicated micro SD slot and of 2 micro SIM slots, thanks to which you can expand the memory without sacrificing use in Dual SIM.

Blackview A5

Continuing to examine the rear area of ​​the device, we find the rear camera from the top centrally 5 mega-pixels with single LED flash, while at the bottom the manufacturer's logo e poco below the system speaker.

Blackview A5

Blackview A5 - Display

Being a device, with a very low selling price, it is clear that all the hardware solutions chosen by the manufacturer are bound by this assumption. In fact, the display of the Blackview A5 is a unit from 4.5 inches diagonal with resolution FWVGA 854 x 480 pixels. Furthermore, along the entire perimeter of the glass there is a slightly raised edge to protect the screen to ensure greater resistance to shocks.

Blackview A5

La color rendering è discreet, While the brightness maximum is average, but without excelling. Like for most panels IPS, and mostly in devices with such a low cost, blacks are poco deep and veer significantly in angled vision.

Absent within the settings menu the option Miravision, therefore you will have to be satisfied with the color calibration provided by the manufacturer. L'viewing angle è discrete, without particular criticality.

About the touch screen, we find a panel with a multi-touch to 2 touches simultaneous. touch & feel offers a feeling that we could define rather "Plasticky", although it is average for such cheap devices.

Poor value regarding it oleofobicità and just enough for the reflectivity.

Blackview A5 - Hardware and performance

On the hardware front we have a data sheet common to many low-cost devices already reviewed, therefore on board the Blackview A5 we find the tested chipset MediaTek MT6580, SoC with processor quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 with architecture 32 bit ARMv7 and clock frequency of 1.3 GHz.

This hardware solution, although it does not offer advantages from a performance point of view, is reliable and certainly useful in reducing production costs; Furthermore, in everyday use it is free from particular jamming or lag, probably thanks to the particularly light on-board ROM and comparable to a stock version of Android.

Regarding the graphic compartment on board the device, we find the classic GPU Single-core ARM Mali-400, low-end graphics card that manages to spin, clearly to low details, games like Asphalt 8, Real Racing 3 e Modern Combat 5.

Then we find 1 GB of RAM, which appears to be the minimum necessary for normal use of the device to be carried out, guaranteeing sufficient usability while keeping several apps open. Poco the internal storage space of only 8 GB, however expandable with one micro SD up to 32 GB.

Blackview A5 - Antutu Benchmark

Blackview A5 - Cameras

The photographic sector of this device is absolutely not promoted. The rear camera has a 5 mega-pixels Sp5409, interpolated via software ad 8 mega-pixel, with single flash LED , while the front one is alone 2 mega-pixels.
Il software is that stock of MediaTek.

The shots, both in good or low light conditions, are of poor quality with a strong background noise which obviously increases at night, without however improving with the use of the LED flash. Using the feature HDR there are no particular improvements in the results of the photographs.

La focus it is slow and in most situations it is easy to get blurred photos, especially in the "Tip and shoot".

Blackview A5 - 720p HD video recording test

The maximum resolution at which videos are shot is a 720p and are saved in the format .3gp, definitely obsolete and unused by the latest generation devices.

Unfortunately, the recorded videos are very moved and even using the digital stabilization the situation is not improving. The quality of the recorded audio is also poor, among other things rather low.

Blackview A5 - Connectivity

Il Blackview A5, like other low-cost devices examined in the last period, only supports connectivity 3G, resulting therefore devoid of fast connectivity LTE 4G. The management of the Dual SIM, albeit good, it does not present any particular customization: therefore, the possibility of setting different ringtones for the two cards is absent.

In terms of reception, we did not find any problems with both the SIM, both in the voice and data departments, and during our tests we did not find any changes in signal reception.
Absent the 3G band to 900 MHz, so if your operator is H3G you could detect some coverage problems inside buildings and / or in peripheral areas.

Il Wi-Fi on board the device is of type 802.11 b / g / n and we have never had problems connecting and registering a new network, as much as connecting already saved networks. The HotKnot is absent.

No problem even with the management of the Bluetooth 4.0 with which we connected our devices easily. About the signal GPS, the docking of the satellites, both indoors and outdoors, was rapid and rather stable.

Connecting Blackview A5 al PC through the door USB the device is recognized promptly without any problem to carry out all normal file transfer operations from the smartphone to the computer and vice versa.

Blackview A5 - Software

Even if from a purely hardware point of view the device is not in step with the times, the situation changes radically under the software profile. Indeed, on board the Blackview A5 we find Android 6.0 Marshmallow already out of the box, with a practically stock graphic interface, if it weren't for the customization of the icons by the manufacturer. Overall the whole thing runs rather smoothly, obviously without requiring lightning-fast operations in opening the contents, certainly not the prerogative of this device.

Since it is Android almost in stock version, there is theapp drawer, while within the system settings we find the item "Gesture unlock", where in addition to always useful Double Tap to Wake, there are other gestures that can be performed with the screen off by combining a specific operation with the drawing of different letters on the screen.

Blackview A5 - Autonomy

The battery provides enough autonomy to end the day without worries: it is a removable unit 2000 mAh, not a large capacity, but it must be borne in mind that the device is equipped with only one screen FWVGA da 4.5 inches and that the SoC employee is not particularly energivorous.

Blackview A5

The charger with an output yourself 0.15A allows the full recharge in about 2 hours and 15 minutes which, overall, are not long times compared to other low-cost smartphones analyzed, but certainly not very fast considering the value of the battery.

Blackview A5 - Audio

As we have also observed in Blackview A8, are present in the menu "Audio and notifications" some settings to optimize the acoustic output, including the mode Surround, equalizer a five bands and another feature that allows you to improve the audio range by linking it to the type of source we are listening to, i.e. music or films.

Poco the rear position of thesystem loudspeaker, whose already not particularly high volume is further suffocated when the device is placed on a flat surface. L'audio in the headphones it is slightly better than the one provided by the speaker, but finds the same limits in terms of overall quality and maximum listening volume.

Regarding the telephone part, the audio we received, both in headset capsule in that speakerphone, it turned out loud and clear: the microphone works well and our interlocutor has not found any problems in receiving our voice.

Present the FM Radio, with a very basic interface that we could define as too minimal.

Blackview A5 - Photo Gallery

Blackview A5 - Conclusions

And finally we came to conclusions about the Blackview A5.
The game is worth the candle? It mainly depends on the use you want to make of this device. In our opinion it can be taken into consideration if we want to equip ourselves with a smartphone to use in emergency occasions or to manage a second numbering completely independently of our main device.

The strengths represent the good range of accessories, although not of excellent quality, the construction, which as mentioned at the beginning of our review is solid and free from imperfections and, finally, the compact dimensions of the smartphone which makes it practical in daily use. Furthermore, it should be added that, having a budget of poco higher, you can buy the big brother Blackview A8 which overall could be preferable.

Blackview A5 is available for purchase on AliExpress at the price of 40.20 €, in the colors Violet Black, Pearl White e Skyblue.

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