The 5 news of the week #5 by GizChinaIT

the 5 news of the week

Once again the time has come to give space to our weekly appointment with "The 5 news of the week"Of GizChina, with a selection of the most talked and" hot "news of the moment.

Protagonists, once again, Xiaomi, Meizu e OnePlus first of all: are you ready?

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1) OnePlus 3: advance sales and no invitations 

the 5 news of the week

OnePlus 3 now it is at the door and after having discovered all (or almost) the technical data sheet of the device that, in the first place, emerges for Snapdragon 820 e 4 / 6 GB of RAM, the Chinese company seems that for the first time will sell its device without the system of invitations that had made many users desperate in past years.

Furthermore, the 6 June, well 10 days before the official presentation, it seems that the company will launch a flash salt of 1000 units to give the opportunity to very few users to get a preview of the device. Will you try it?

2) Xiaomi Mi Band 2: official! 

the 5 news of the week

How many have rejoiced like me when I saw the new one Mi Band 2? The undersigned is enthusiastic and can not wait to try it, I do not know you! The Chinese company, in fact, has confirmed what was said in the rumors of the previous weeks, and even more interesting news is the launch price of only 20 € (destined, however, to inevitably rise to poco less than 40 on the various Chinese stores).

3) Official ZUK Z2: Is this the year of ZUK this 2016? 

the 5 news of the week

And if I told you: 250 € about e Snapdragon 820, Over which 4 GB of RAM, 13 mega-pixels of camera and a biometric sensor? I did not become crazy, I'm not saying heresies, but it's simply the portrait of ZUK Z2, basic variant of Z2 Pro, a top-of-the-range device from Lenovo's partner company.

This year ZUK seems unstoppable and even this device has been made official by poco; we can't wait to try it and discover the ZUK UI how it will behave.

4) MIUI 7 in Italian on Xiaomi Mi 5! 

the 5 news of the week

Do not you dare say that once again Xiaomi Mi 5 is a smartphone only for a few, because after the arrival of the ROM with included the Italian language, you will have no more excuses to try it to the end.

And from poco the Beta of the MIUI 7 multilingual, which presents, among others, also the Italian language; the user experience is excellent and the performances are good. What are you waiting to try it?

5) Meizu: you fly the Beijing 13 in June! 

the 5 news of the week

Now we at have established almost a direct contact with China, Beijing and Meizu! The 13nd Junein fact, we will again be in the land of almond eyes to discover one new device of Meizu, which we do not know very much about even now.

We can not wait to be able to update you and give you more information on the case!

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Appointment to next Saturday with "The 5 news of the week of GizChina".