YG-300: portable projector on offer for only 29 euro

YG-300 Gearbest offer

We are used to seeing devices of all kinds on the internet, among the most disparate, especially on Eastern e-commerce sites such as the well-known Gearbest.

Today we bring you a very advantageous offer for a particular device, we are talking about the YG-300, for an portable projector on offer for the note on GearBest to the figure of 29,28 € with one 55% Off, but only for one limited number of pieces and for one limited time of about 4 days.

YG-300 Gearbest offer

The aforementioned device with the dimensions of 12.50 x 8.50 x 4.50 cm for a weight of 245 grams is extremely portable compared to most projectors, however it does not shine for technical specifications.

It is obvious, however, that this device does not aim to be as powerful as it is portatile also seen the presence of an internal battery from 1300 mAh that would guarantee up to 1.5 hours reproduction and the possibility of feed it via powerbank as well as by wall socket.

The native resolution is of 320 240 pixels x and with a luminance between 400 and 600 it's a contrast ratio equal to 800:1 with support for resolutions up to FullHD 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The light source is LED with an estimated life of 30.000 projection hours.The image projected by YG-300 go to 24 to the 60 inches with a distance that can vary between 0.8 and 2 meters.

YG-300 Gearbest offer

This device is also equipped with integrated speaker it can be used both as a simple projector and as a multimedia player because in addition to the entrance HDMI It is equipped with a door USB for pendrive or hard disk and input for a card micro SD. Also present are the inputs AV To and of course also those for food DC (12 V / 2 A) or Micro USB (5 V / 2 A).

YG-300 Gearbest offer

The design of the YG-300 it is basic, with plastic materials, the keys for the minimal functions on the top and a single color Bianca / yellow. On the front we find obviously the lens flanked by integrated speaker.

On the right side of the device we find the inputs DCHDMIUSB while on the back we find the entrances AVmicro SDMicro USB. Along the entire back we find the cracks in the cooling system.

YG-300 Gearbest offer

Here you can see a video presentation of the product made specifically by Gearbest for the YG-300.

In conclusion, we remind you that the offer is a limited time and for one limited number of pieces so hurry up. Furthermore, we would like to point out that Gearbest accepts among the payment methods one of the most reliable, PayPal.

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