Xiaomi Mi Max: here is the hands-on a few hours from the presentation

xiaomi mi max 1

This morning we got to know the first of the two devices that were presented today, or the new phablet from 6.44 inches Xiaomi Mi Max (the second is Honor V8) which promises to be very interesting and competitive both in terms of performance and price.

A few hours after its official presentation, the phablet has already been the subject of some hand-on by those present at the event Xiaomi. Below we propose the first hands-on of the new device in question.

xiaomi mi max 1

xiaomi mi max 2

How anticipated this morning during our live blog, the Xiaomi Mi Max is equipped with a generous display from 6.44 inches with curl 2.5D. This dimension was chosen after a careful analysis by the Chinese company, which defined the size of 6 inches too small and that from 7 inches to nothing ergonomic.

Xiaomi Mi Max the phablet with 6.44 inch display but ergonomic

xiaomi mi max 3

xiaomi mi max 4

Laterally, as shown by the image, the device has only the keys for volume control and for turning on and off. On the other hand, we find the entrance below USB Type-C together with the microphone and the speaker which, according to the statements made by those present, would seem to be of good quality.

xiaomi mi max 5

xiaomi mi max 7

From the images above, in addition to showing the good compactness of the device that would seem to be quietly inside a pocket of jeans, it is clear how the design, although composed of a display of 6.44 inches does not differ much from that proposed by Apple with its top of the range from 5.5 inches.

From the images we can also see how the fingerprint scanner is present on the rear body, which was initially thought not to be present. Also in this case, the users present at the event noted an excellent fingerprint recognition speed.

xiaomi mi max 6

The last image shows one of the new features on Xiaomi Mi Max which was designed to ensure that the generous dimensions of the device do not create difficulties for the use (even one-handed) for the user.

Finally we want to remind you again that it Xiaomi Mi Max will be available for purchase from next Tuesday at the following prices:

  • Snapdragon 650, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage: 1.499 yuan (approximately EUR 202);
  • Snapdragon 652, 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage: 1.699 yuan (approximately EUR 229);
  • Snapdragon 652, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage: 1.999 yuan (approximately EUR 270).