Xiaomi Mi Band 2, start sale starting from 7 June!

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with LCD

We have been talking about the new smartband for a long time Xiaomi equipped with an LCD screen, we are talking about the Xiaomi Mi band 2.

Lei JunCEO company, showed very quickly during the conference for the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi Max the aforementioned smartband revealing that slowdowns in production have forced the well-known Chinese house to postpone its release.

Now it seems, however, that production proceeds smoothly. Law Jun has indeed revealed the date of the presentation, which will be held on 2nd June, and the date from which the sales of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, the date of 7nd June.

For those who are not aware, Xiaomi has often referred to third-party companies for the realization of its products and in particular for its smartband has always supported the Hua Meters Technology.

Il CEO of the latter, Huang Wang, said the warehouses are already full and ready for large-scale distribution and to meet the demand for the product for the likely massive online sales. However, Huang Wang also states that the pieces available for now will only cover the first tranches of the sale of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

During the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi Max held on May 10, Lei Jun I stealthily show the aforementioned new to the public We Band referring: "Many of you are eagerly awaiting the presentation of this device, but its production time has forced us to skip the event for at least a month. I wear the new one on my wrist Xiaomi Mi Band 2 da Orders shipped to Europe and still preserves the 36% of charge obtained from the first recharge cycle ".

It is therefore expected that this new edition of the smartband, which has defeated the international market in the sector, can once again splash on the top, both for the trust of the owners of previous generations, and for the specifications so far received.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

La Xiaomi Mi Band 2 it seems to bring a breath of fresh air, finally showing off the long-awaited LCD that could show not only the time but also other basic information and notifications. It will also always be equipped with heartbeat sensor with significant technical improvements for battery optimization, given that, as you know, screens are among the most energy-intensive components, and changes also in the design and materials department.

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