Vifocal Sale: many offers on accessories for LG, HomTom and Doogee!

Vifocal Logo

Last month we witnessed a more than flourishing period for all Chinese smartphone makers, who have massively presented a large number of models ready to enter the market immediately.

In this regard, the well-known online store Vifocal has decided to take advantage of this moment to offer us different offers on some accessories for our smartphones.

Let's start with a very noble brand, because if you were in possession of a LG K8, you may be interested in the following products:

  • Protective leather flip cover with wallet function: 3,67 €;
  • TPU + PC Hybrid Protective Case Iron Man Armor Shield: 3,38 €.


We then move on to four offers available to all owners of HomTom HT7 e HT7 Pro, because you can buy the following accessories:

  • HomTom original leather flip cover: 7,73 €;
  • Transparent protective case in TPU silicone: 2,41 €, following a discount of 17%;
  • Flip protective cover in eco-leather in various colors with a wallet function: 4,83 €;
  • Tempered glass film: 2,89 €.

Homtom ht7

To conclude, we list all the offers dedicated to the owners of Doogee X6 e X6 Pro:

  • Tempered glass film: 2,41 €, following a discount of 17%;
  • Protective leather flip cover with wallet function: 3,67 €;
  • Protective TPU silicone case: 1,73 €, following a discount of 40%;
  • Protective faux leather flip cover with View Window: 4,83 €.

Doogee X6 Pro

Please note that allows payment via Paypal, quick and safe.

For today these are all the offers offered by the aforementioned e-commerce site, but in case there will be others in the coming days, we will not hesitate to bring them back.

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