THL T7, the complete review

One of the categories of smartphones most appreciated by users is undoubtedly that of the "battery-phone"; in fact, it often happens that smartphones are always lighter, thin and aesthetically pleasing but with batteries that last less and less.

On the contrary, today, let's discover the THL T7 which slightly overshadows the appearance, to enhance the battery and ... the rest discover it in the review.


THL T7 is available on GearBest at a price of approx 134 €.

THL T7, the complete review of

THL T7 - Sales package

La sales package of the device is rather robust, and inside the content does not disappoint; in the box, in fact, we find:

  • THL T7;
  • USB data cable - micro USB;
  • Protective glass film;
  • Soft plastic cover;
  • USB wall charger with European socket and 5V 1 ° outlet;
  • Quick instruction manuals.

THL T7 - Design and materials


Certainly when you take it in your hands you will not be astonished by its beauty, as much by its weight that, although not very high, certainly does not go unnoticed. THL T7, in any case it is made of plastic in the back with a back cover with glossy paint and aluminum perimeter frame, very robust and resistant to any impact.

Overall the THL T7 is quite well assembled; the device is free of construction defects and even taking it in hand and observing it carefully you notice a certain solidity. However, what is not very striking is certainly the design, which turns out to be poco edited by the company but above all anonymous, with lines certainly not up to the period in which we find ourselves (in which 90% of smartphones have a rather refined design) but certainly dating back to smartphones of 2-3 years ago produced by the same company.

The dimensions of the THL T7, then, they are equal to 150.5 77.5 x x 9.1mm and the weight, of about 202 gramsas already mentioned, it is felt in the use of every day; ergonomics, again, is not the flagship of the device that, with users with slightly smaller hands, will not have an easy cohabitation.

Next, instead, find the button layout and of the inputs on the THL T7.


Analyzing the left side, the Chinese manufacturer has inserted in addition to the rocker for volume adjustment, also the power button.


On the right, instead, we find the only trolley for the insertion of the two SIM (nano + micro).


At the bottom, then, we have the micro USB connector in the middle and on the two sides we have the speaker and the main microphone.


At the top, finally, only the 3.5mm jack for headphones was inserted.


Not to forget, then, the presence in the back of the biometric sensor to unlock the device, which is fast and accurate.

THL T7 - Display


One aspect that initially surprised us was the display and its very thin border that seems borderless, but as soon as we saw it on we realized the deception. The device of THLin fact, it has a panel HD 1280 × 720 pixels from 5.5 inches, of matrix IPS e 267PPI, but many points in report cards lose them mostly due to the very thick black side edges.

However, even the color range is not great; the colors are not perfectly calibrated and even the visual angles leave something to be desired, with a tendency of blacks to gray and very washed-out whites.

THL T7 - Internal memory

THL T7 comes with an internal storage from 16GB which, however, net of pre-installed applications and the operating system, become approx 11GB available to the user.

Moreover, a micro SD slot is present to expand the existing internal memory; however, since this is a slot shared with SIM cards, if you insert two SIM cards you lose the ability to expand the memory.

THL T7 - Hardware and performance

Equipped with a hardware that is anything but battery-powered (which have always accustomed us to Mediatek low-end platforms, such as the 6735 in the different A and P variants), THL T7 presents itself with an SoC Mediatek MT6753 Octa-Core to 1.3GHz e 3GB RAM memory, as well as a Mali-T720 MP3 GPU to 450MHz.

In the use of every day the THL device does not seem to be suffering from big problems or defects; the system runs smoothly and is overall well optimized; in daily operations, then, it never stopped and showed no signs of instability.

I sample video tested to work well up to FullHD 1080p in MP4 while the MKV in FullHD and videos in 4K are not able to reproduce as well as for hardware limits, even for the inability to copy them on the internal memory.

La web browsing, then, exceeds of poco sufficiency; the performance is good, but often the stock browser that the smartphone is equipped with struggles to load pages quickly and does not allow us to resize the text, which is why we turned to Google Chrome in everyday use.

At the end of the tests performancewe used then Asphalt 8 for the video game sector, and the performances were acceptable, also because the hardware on board and the display provided, the game does not start with maximum graphic details, which is why the performances are acceptable and the temperatures are good.

Next, instead, you will find the results of the benchmarks performed with THL T7.

THL T7 - Antutu Benchmark

THL T7 - Audio

Integrated into the back of the device, the system speaker is not positioned in the best way, which is why the output sound in most situations is not good enough.

When placed on a surface, the sound tends to croak when at high volume, while mid-power feels good, but logically it is not enough to hear, perhaps, the arrival of a notification.

THL T7 - Connectivity

Equipped with a double SIM housing (both cards are supported in nano format), the THL T7 it does not present any problem of reception and, in our tests and comparisons with other devices of the same price range, it was decidedly above the average guaranteeing more than good results.

However the quality of the audio in call is good both in the capsule and in the earphone; same speech for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, which do not seem to have problems.

THL T7 - Camera

Equipped with a sensor OmniVision OV13850 by well 13 mega-pixels, and from a front camera from 5 mega-pixel, always with sensor OmniVision OV5670, THL T7 on the photographic compartment is not the first in the class, but not the last one.

As usual we find a stock camera application without any personalization by THL that, on the "software care" front, not much has been applied; however in the use of every day the photographs taken by THL T7 they turned out to be more than good for the price range in which the device is inserted, which, therefore, manages to overcome the sufficiency slightly and to come out with its head held high.

THL T7 - FullHD 1080p video recording test

THL T7 - Software

As for the software version installed on board the THL T7, we find a distribution of Lollipop 5.1 with customizations present only on a graphic level, since at the functional level the manufacturer has not integrated any type of addition, since the ROM is presented bare and raw with a more colorful icon pack than usual.

There are no third-party application suites, as well as the app suite Google which is reduced to only Play Store, GMail and YouTube.

THL T7 - Autonomy

Undoubtedly the undoubtedly interesting aspect is the battery; with an amperage of 4800 mAh THL T7 does not have any difficulty in taking us until late in the evening with about 5 half hours of active screen reached almost without problems almost always under mobile data network and very little Wi-Fi.

THL T7 - Photo Gallery

THL T7 - Final considerations

Considering the very interesting selling price to which this device is proposed on the market, THL T7 it is overall quite attractive; the camera is acceptable in this price range, and autonomy is absolutely promoted.

What is out of place and what convinces poco? Undoubtedly display and speaker, for the rest, promoted!

THL T7 is available on GearBest at a price of approx 134 €.