No.1 S5, the review of

No.1 G3

Last April 2016, the No.1 S5 is a smartwatch inspired by the best known Samsung Gear S2.

Although it has been marketed by the main stores as a device equipped with Force Touch, during the review we found theabsence of this feature: this is probably due toincorrect interpretation of the technical sheet of the terminal reported on some online stores, where the wording is read "3D Touch" - or better: "3D touch screen with G-sensor: You can easily change the dial screen interface" - and therefore the possibility of changing watch faces.

That said, let's find out the No.1 S5 in ours Full review!

No.1 S5 - Unboxing

The sales package is made of aluminum, and inside it we find:

  • No.1 S5;
  • il cable for charging with magnetic coupling;
  • un booklet for instructions in Chinese and English.

An equipment not particularly rich, compared to those offered with other smartwatches from the Chinese manufacturer.

No.1 S5 - Technical sheet

  • Display: Circular IPS from 1.2 inches with resolution of 240 240 pixels x;
  • Processor: MediaTek MTK6261 with a frequency of 364 MHz;
  • RAM: 128 MB;
  • Internal Memory: 64 MB;
  • Bluetooth 3.0;
  • Battery: 350 mAh
  • Compatibility: Android OS and iOS.

No.1 S5 - Design and build quality

The design is definitely the strength of No.1 S5: the display completely circular, the shell made of steel and leather strap these are the elements that contribute to making the product look pleasing.

The No.1 S5 is one of those smart watches that might even look like a real analog watch for its design, making it very comfortable on the wrist thanks to its rounded shape.

La cash of the No.1 S5 is metal, While the basis è in plastic, and on the right side there are the "you tested the restore function of your back"Ed"home". Also present a microphone and one speaker for music playback and voice calls. On the bottom is placed the sensor for the detection of heartbeat and the measurement ofoxygen in the blood.

Sore note: the absence of a brightness sensor for automatic adjustment. In fact, during the test of the device, the brightness has always been set to maximum, so as to be able to read the display in sunlight and outside, at the expense of the battery.

In the front part we find the display from 1.2 inch TFT di fair quality, with a good viewing angle and a more than sufficient color rendering.

The device is certified IP65, therefore it is resistant to dust and partially resistant to water jets: consequently, it is not recommended to use it in the shower.

No.1 S5 - Software

The No.1 S5 features a customized software interface, inspired by Tizen OS, and some initial practice may be required before familiarizing yourself with the UI. In general, the system turns out rather slow e poco reactive in daily use.

Absent the area dedicated to notifications, as they are simply synchronized with the smartphone. With one swipe to the right, however, we access the uses.

At the level of personalization we find different watchfaces; unfortunately it is absent the possibility of installing third-party ones.

Present the keyboard, which has some obvious limitations, mainly due to the size and shape of the display, with which you can make calls and write text messages, as long as the smartwatch is connected to your smartphone.

Unfortunately, the present applications have been poorly implemented: to be used, you will have to keep pressed on the display of the smartwatch, not really the maximum comfort. Furthermore, the detection of sensors is slow ed inaccurate.

The step count turned out abbastanza precise, showing itself in line with that of Xiaomi Mi Band 1s and the Microsoft Band 2.

A merit is to be able to respond to notifications directly from the smartwatch in case of call or SMS. The speaker is very powerful, both in call and during music playback. Different speech regarding the SMS, which is really complicated to respond because of the keyboard really too small.

Furthermore, we have found that the display he touches the touches near the edges with difficulty, really making it poco easy to write while typing.

Small clarification: as for almost all of this category of devices, the recommended app for monitoring statistics is Fundo Companion.

It is an application that allows you to synchronize data deriving from sports-related features (an account is required). Unfortunately the app it does not allow the synchronization of the heartbeat, UV rays and body temperature. Such a pity.

The device is compatible with all Android that mount a version from 4.4 up; moreover, it can also be used by associating it with a system iOS, thus expanding the catchment area.

No.1 S5 - Autonomy

The No.1 S5 integrates a battery from 350mAh that allows you to cover one day of intense use, with response to calls, use of the pedometer and sensor. With limited use, mainly in the display of notifications, they can also be reached a couple of days.

The brightness of the screen obviously affected the results, as the test was carried out with the brightness level at most: in this sense, we have not exceeded the 24 hours of autonomy.

By choosing a lower value and not checking the smartwatch too often, we easily achieved the 48 hours also with constant pairings via Bluetooth.

La recharge it turns out rather slow, but above all the battery indicator is not well optimized: both after charging 1 now that 3 hours reaches the 100% of charge, only that in the second case the autonomy will be greater than the charge from 1 now ..

No.1 S5 - Conclusions

Ultimately, the No.1 S5 is a smartwatch well done aesthetically, but with a just enough software.

The materials used are good, the design is pleasant, but the little personalization, the numerous slowdowns in daily operations and some apps that are not well made (heart rate monitor and sensor for monitoring blood oxygen on all) can make the use of the smartwatch unnerving.

Il NO.1 S5 is available for sale on GearBest at a price of 33,58 €.