Metakoo Bee: mini drone with altimetric sensor only 26 euro! Here is our review!

In today's review we're going to try a very special mini drone, we're talking about the Metakoo Bee, a small, indeed very small drone, suitable for indoor use and for newbies who approach this world, since it will allow you to learn how to use these fascinating devices with ease, also thanks to the take-off and automatic landing, guaranteed by integrated height sensor.

Metakoo Mini Drone

The drone Metakoo Bee is available on Amazon for a price of 26 € with shipping included and 24 months warranty.

Metakoo Bee: mini drone with altimetric sensor only 26 euro! Here is our review!

Sales package

The sales package is made of recycled cardboard and is quite compact and of small size. On it we find all the main specifications and the model of the drone, especially on the sides, while inside we find the remote control, the drone, a short one User Manual in English language e 4 orange spare propellers, in addition to the appropriate USB cable is preferably used for battery recharge.

Absent any additional accessories, such as a paraeliche, which would certainly have been appreciated.

Construction and design

The body of the drone incorporates the constructive lines of the Cheerson CX-10, with which it shares dimensions and propellers, since I had no problems using those of the latter model on the drone Metakoo Bee.

The solidity of the construction and the plastics adopted are of a good level, since even after several falls I have not found any obvious damage and scratches, except for the paint that tends to slightly detach at some points.

The dimensions are really small, since we are talking about 45 mm in width, while the weight amounts to poco less than 15 grams. The operating range is approximately 35 meters according to the statements, but with obstacles in the middle, the flight area could drop significantly.

Metakoo Mini Drone

The propellers have also proved to be quite resistant, even if they are easily available from China for a few euro cents.

In the central part of the body of the drone we find, above, the company logo, while below is the control card, complete with accelerometer to 6 axes, and the battery from 150 mAh, rechargeable with the appropriate cable supplied with the connector in the back, where we also find the ON / OFF switch and connector for charging.

On the front and back profiles we find the 4 Status LED, two reds e two blue: the first two indicate the back of the aircraft, while the other two the front one, moreover, in case of discharged batteries will start to flash.

In the lower part we find four rubber feet, designed to cushion the landing and prevent the device from slipping during take-off.

The remote control is excellent and well done, which, despite its small size, allows the drone to be controlled with a certain dexterity, without having to give up commands or limited mobility.

Two stacks are needed, more in detail in format AAA mini stylus. I also point out that it is possible to choose which mode to use, ie with throttle to the right or left simply by pressing a dedicated button. Communication takes place via the carrier of 2.4 GHz, which allows the transmission of the signal on 4 channels for complete control of the drone.

Metakoo Mini Drone

The quadrocopter design is very good and pleasant, and it clearly incorporates the same lines of this type of device, but with a black body that makes it easier to see, especially when used in the home or in the garden.

Controls and flight test

Use the drone Metakoo Bee it turned out to be really immediate and pleasant, given that, once the pairing with the remote control e calibrated the accelerometer (just move both sticks at the bottom right for a few seconds), take off is practically immediate. In fact, just press the appropriate button to perform the automatic take-off, which will automatically bring the drone into hovering (stationary flight) to poco more than 60 / 70 centimeters high on the take-off vertical. You can then interact with it by increasing or decreasing the flight altitude by acting on the command of Throttle, which unlike many other drones, remains fixed at the center of the remote control, so to lower you will need to press down the lever, while to go up you just press up.

Metakoo Mini Drone

Needless to say, the control of the Yaw (rotation on itself of the drone) always occurs through the stick of the Throttle, while the Pitch ed Roll, respectively pitch e roll, ie the commands that allow the drone to move on the two axes of the Cartesian plane, can be controlled via the second joystick of the remote control, as already happens on many other quadricotteri.


Among other commands, we find the possibility to set the flight mode on three levels - beginner, intermediate ed expert -, simply by pressing on Throttle's stick, which will return as feedback BIP , for the first mode, the two for the second and three: is preferably used for third. Pressing instead the right stick and then moving to one of the four directions, we can go to make a backflip (acrobatic rotation maneuver at 360 ° from the vertical plane) quickly and completely automatically. We can also correct the trajectory using the appropriate buttons for trimming the drone.

Flying with the Metakoo Bee it proved to be really simple and immediate, given the ease of use of the device and the stability of the flight. For newbies I recommend making the first flights in an open space, perhaps on a lawn to cushion any falls. After a few minutes of flying you will be able to correctly learn how to control the device with manageability and tranquility, until you can use it safely at home and in tight environments.

Despite the size, usability is really good, as well as the stability and control, which allowed me to fly the confined spaces without much difficulty. The 6 axis gyroscope works well and automatically stabilizes the device correctly once calibrated. Unfortunately, the mode is missing Headless, or headless, which instead we find on other devices in this category. Really interesting and cute the automatic take-off and landing - not always accurate, since sometimes the landing causes a rebound of the quadrocopter -, as well as the maintenance of the quota, which will allow you to pilot and learn to use the drone without risking falls and with extreme ease, but ease that could bore people who already know how to pilot these devices, since the control on vertical acceleration remains quite limited.

Metakoo Mini Drone

Going to change the flight mode from beginner to intermediate, the speed increases significantly, allowing you to use the device even outdoors with small breezes of light wind, as well as allowing you a greater reactivity of the aircraft and the ability to perform fast acrobatic maneuvers.

Switching to expert mode, however, the device becomes really fast, making a little bit difficult to control, species of the Yaw, which turns out to be really fast.

Even the horizontal speed has proved very high, as well as the recovery of the position, a sign of how the accelerometer works really well even at high speeds. However, I recommend only the most experienced to use this mode, as it takes very little to lose the orientation of the drone and in case of some wind puff the control of the drone quadricottero.


As already seen on other similar devices, the autonomy is quite limited, thus allowing you a average flight time of 6 minutes, being aligned to competitors.

Fortunately, however, the battery recharges quite quickly, since it will be enough for you poco more than half an hour of charging through a USB port on your PC to make a full charge.

Unfortunately, the battery can not be removed, since you need to remove the drone and unsolder the battery from the drone's motherboard.


Il Metakoo Bee it turned out to be a really fun device to drive, given the presence of the altitude sensor, able to maintain a fixed quota in a stable manner. The automatic takeoff and landing make the drone really appealing to newbies and people who want to take the first steps in the field of mini-quadricopters, given the very low selling price.

These figures are difficult to find better, if not the classics Chersoon CX-10, now available at less than 15 euros from China, but that do not integrate the altimetric function and the other commands on the Metakoo Bee.

In conclusion, the product has satisfied me and particularly amused, although in the long run, the extreme ease and limited control could bore the most practical and experienced in the industry.

The drone Metakoo Bee is available on Amazon for a price of 26 € with shipping included and 24 months warranty.