Meizu PRO 5 and MX5: here is the Flyme Open Beta [Changelog]

Meizu Pro 5 VS Meizu MX5

Sul Flyme official forum the development team has made the new one available Open Beta dell'update to Flyme in version G, which brings numerous news e bugfix for the devices in question, or the Meizu PRO 5 ed MX5.

If you were interested, here are the download link:

meizu-per-vs-mx5 5-29

Click for the complete changelog:
  • Optimized the Talkback support of dialpad;
  • Fixed the bug of no favorite contacts inDDD white list and speed dial adding;
  • When edit a contact's IM info, Hangouts would be the default label;
  • Added '3G only' network type;
  • Fixed the occasional bug of unable to auto-match contact when typing numbers;
  • Fixed the bug of no transitioning animation when tap the dial icon;
  • Dialed screen which will stay unfolded when dialing;
  • Xnumx digits, the call logs will be bemerged as from one phone number.


  • Fixed the bug of blur preview aftershooting photos in manual mode;
  • The sound effect of the film, the sound effect still exists;
  • Tofocus and meter when shooting GIFs;
  • Fixed the clipping error in square mode;
  • Fixedthe focusing issue;
  • The camera can not focus on the object.


  • Fixed the unchanged volume bug when adjust the volume by a little bit.


  • Fixed the issue of incomplete display of messages and unread messages on notification bar under Super mode in extra-largefont.


  • Optimized the brightness adjustment;
  • Added the function of sliding up the ringing call notification to the call;
  • Optimized system translations.



  • Added the function of using using emojiin app folder names;
  • Added to new feature which enables users to copy and paste the folder names on the Home screen;
  • Fixed the occasional freezing issue.


  • Add password retrieving option to Vault of File Explorer and locked apps;
  • Fixed the displaying abnormity in Battery;
  • Fixed the crash down issue when tap 'APNs' in 'SIMs and networks';
  • Fixed the crash down issue when tap on theencrypted apps under Guest mode.
  • Changed the screen in Super modeto smart adjustment.
  • Optimized the intro page of the groupmessage naming feature;
  • Fixed the bug to restore the default operation after tap on Restore icon in the names editing page.
  • Optimized the popup style of a message when holding by the user;
  • Fixed the problem of occasional mistakes in recognizing message cards.


  • Fixed the bug of the notifications which has been read again.


  • In the full-size area.


  • The time on the screenclearly.


  • Remarkedfolder names will be displayed preferentially for folders in Pictures.


  • Bydefault, Download app will allow downloading only under WLAN.