[GUIDE] Obtaining root permissions on Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi mi 5

After seeing how to install the recovery TWRP on our Xiaomi Mi 5 (article available a this address), today we will show you how to get i root permissions permanently.

Lo Xiaomi Mi 5, we remember it, is the last smartphone of the house Xiaomi and from this address you can find our complete review.

Xiaomi Mi5

Unfortunately, being fundamental prerequisite lo unlocking the bootloader, it will compromise the encryption of the device. To solve this "bug"You will need to make one complete formatting of the partition "date"With the consequent loss of all personal data and, therefore, it is strongly recommended perform a backup of your documents before starting the root procedure.

We remind all our readers that the operations described in this guide are suitable for those who already have gained experience in modding on Android, and that these are delicate actions that if done improperly could make your device unusable. Staff GizChina.itin any case, will not be held responsible for any damage to the terminal.

How to get root permissions on Xiaomi Mi 5

You can find the complete guide on the our forum (section Xiaomi Mi 5), and we invite you to participate in the discussion and stay tuned for any updates on the procedure.

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