Gree: the next top of the range is shown in photos

Gree top of the range

Gree it is a Chinese company that is certainly less known than Xiaomi o Meizu but this is not the reason why you dedicate yourself less to the field of gods smartphone.

After launching its first device, the company is preparing a new top of the range that this time will come to market with specific surprising techniques. Today we can admire the new flagship in some shots showing his design.

Gree designs a new flagship with Snapdragon 820

Gree top of the range

It is possible to clearly note that the second smartphone of Gree will come with a body made entirely of metal and equipped with a Display from 6 inches with 2K resolution. From the photos it seems that the device is quite premium and also on the front panel we find a physical Home button clearly visible that could include a fingerprint reader.

Gree top of the range

Also Gree wants to enter the market of Android smartphones moved by the processor Snapdragon 820 with this new terminal and also in pairs we will find 4 GB of RAM and variants from 32 and 64 GB of internal storage.

Gree top of the range

Continuing with the hardware features, the Chinese company's flagship will also bring one rear camera from 21 mega-pixels and a front from 8 mega-pixel.

Unfortunately, other details on the rest of the specifications are still unknown, but we know that Gree could launch its new flagship at a price 3.000 yuan, which at the current change correspond to approximately EUR 405.

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