Cristiano Ronaldo will be the new sponsor for the next Nubia Z11?

Nubia Z11 Mini

May is proving to be a very busy month for the Chinese company Nubia which, after doing certify from the well-known Chinese organization TENAA his next top of the range Nubia Z11 Max now confirms the arrival of a very important sponsor.

We are talking nothing less than Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese soccer star who apparently will be the next "image" Nubia. But what is not clear yet is whether the champion will launch the new Nubia Z11 or will be destined to sponsor a special version of some other device.

nubia z11 cristiano ronaldo

Incoming a new Nubia smartphone "Cristiano Ronaldo Edition"?

It is not the first time that we see a football star sponsor a smartphone, previously in fact Huawei had signed an important contract with Messi, the star of Barcelona to sponsor his new one Huawei P9.

So we currently know that Nubia has entered into a contract with Cristiano Ronaldo, but we do not yet know the name of the device that will be sponsored by the player, many say that this is the new top of the range Universal Z11, but there are also other rumors that support the imminent arrival of another device in a special "Cristiano Ronaldo Edition".

Surely we will discover all the details at the next official conference of the Chinese company, which we remember, will be held in the coming days. What do you think? Will the world football icon sponsor the new top of the Nubia range or another unknown smartphone?