LeEco Le Max 2, the review of GizChina.it

leeco le max 2

For those who do not know it, LeTV is one of the largest companies in the production and distribution of online content on the Chinese market; to be clear, a sort of Asian Netflix.

We are therefore talking about an electronics giant, which, during the last year, decided to enter the smartphone market, launching very interesting devices, especially in terms of quality / price ratio.

The 2016 arrives, LeTV becomes LeEco and renews its mobile proposal with 3 new terminals: LeEco Le 2, Le 2 Pro and Le Max 2.

leeco le max 2

After reviewing the first 2, this is the turn of the LeEco Le Max 2, Or the top of the range of the aforementioned triptych, or a phablet presenting an aesthetic and a high level technical data sheet. Are you curious? Let's find out more in detail in our Full review!

LeEco Le Max 2, the review of GizChina

LeEco Le Max 2 - Unboxing

Leeco le max 2

Inside the device sales box, we find the following equipment:

  • LeEco Le Max 2;
  • charger with Asian plug from 3.6 / 8 / 12V 2 / 3A;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • mini-jack / USB Type-C adapter;
  • pin for removing the SIM slot;
  • protective silicone cover;
  • manuals.

LeEco Le Max 2 - Design and construction quality

At first glance LeEco Le Max 2 looks really good.
Of course, it will not be a very original smartphone in the lines, but that does not mean that the construction is undoubtedly high level.

We have, in fact, one shell made entirely metal well-made, which gives a feeling of solidity in the hand, in addition to that of owning a "premium" smartphone.

leeco le max 2

Assembly is free of imperfections, with a more than appreciable attention to detail, starting from CNC machining of the side frame, up to the integration of the secondary microphone directly in the upper band of the antennas.

Always posteriorly we find the fingerprint reader touch, with the classic "mirror" effect typical of the company, whose operation is very good, even if slightly below the level of Huawei P9 or the Xiaomi Mi 5. Up to 5 fingerprints can be set, and the sensor can also be used to take pictures.
Always with the same effect, below we see the new company logo.

Leeco le max 2

Then we find the rear camera, whose real fault is probably excessive projection from the body: in fact, even using the cover in the package we will not protect the glass on the sensor, forcing us to pay more attention to wear. Flanked by this is the double LED flash type dual tone.

Moving to the front, the first thing you notice is the generous display present, with an apparently borderless glass, but that actually presents a perimeter black border, in a similar way to how we have seen on the Mi 5, a detail that could make some users turn up their noses.

leeco le max 2

Beyond that, above we see the headset capsule, with the front camera next to it and the brightness and proximity sensors; moreover, there is a Notification LED green / red (other colors can not be set).

Leeco le max 2

Inferiorly, on the other hand, i 3 capacitive keys, which are equipped with retro-illumination, lasting about 3 seconds when pressed, but without offering the possibility of deactivating it.
During these days of use I noticed an excessive overheating of this section of the phone, first of all when particularly stressed (for example during gaming). Assuming that the SoC is mounted on the opposite side of the body, I did not understand the reason for this phenomenon, given that the upper part, in fact, does not heat particularly.

Leeco le max 2

Analyzing the side frame, on the right side we find the on / off button and the volume rocker, while on the left side there is the dual SIM slot, which does not allow the use of micro SD.

On the upper side we find the IR sensor, to control any electronic devices; below, however, we have the entrance USB Type-C, the microphone grid and that of the mono speaker. As you may have noticed, there is no 3.5 mm mini jack input.

I did not particularly appreciate this move by LeEco, as it would be understandable if the phone consequently suffered a marked reduction in thickness (even if it would then be problematic for the battery), but the Le Max 2 is about 8 mm thick, and there are many other smartphones with reduced thickness, but with such an entrance.

LeEco Le Max 2 - Ergonomics

As we anticipated, we are talking about a phablet, given the dimensions certainly not contained of 156.8 x 77.6 x 7.99 mm and a weight of 185 grams, not to mention the display from well 5.7 inches.

However, LeEco has done a good job of optimizing the spaces, given the reduced frames, with one screen-to-body ratio of 74% about. To make a comparison, the6S iPhone Plus with its display from 5.5 inches, has dimensions of 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm and a ratio of 67.89%. However, we do not see the levels of the phablet par excellence reached, or the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, With its 153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6 mm and a ratio of 77%.

Leeco le max 2

We are therefore certainly not talking about a phone suitable for anyone, but which, beyond that, still offers more than good ergonomics, when compared to the data just pitted.
Unfortunately the metal body, as beautiful and elegant as it is, does not return a proper grip; we recommend the use of a special cover (among other things in the package).

Even considering the size, LeEco has not inserted any gesture for one-handed use: a pity.

LeEco Le Max 2 - Display

Being a company focused on multimedia, it is almost obvious that the LeEco flagship is equipped with a large 5.7-inch display, with which to make better use of such content.

Moreover, the maximum resolution supported here is the Quad HD 2560 x 1440 pixels, with a density of PPI 515, which may seem exaggerated to some, but we must consider that, on the Asian market, LeEco also supplies VR content, in addition to producing gods special viewers.

leeco le max 2

La panel quality It's really very good, with a reproduction of the well contrasted color range, but not excessively saturated, in addition to a suitable one white balance and a reduced chromatic variation if you go to tilt the display. We are still talking about a technology IPS LCDtherefore we will not have perfect blacks, even if substantially well reproduced.
Software side we can choose between 4 color profiles (LeEco, Vivid, Natural and Soft), as well as the possibility to choose the font size.

leeco le max 2

La brightness, both maximum and minimum, is calibrated optimally, allowing an adequate vision both under the sun and in the dark, and also the light sensor has proved very reactive.

Il touch screen, 10 touches, it is very reactive. The factor is also very accurate oleofobicità.

LeEco Le Max 2 - Hardware

As in the previous top of the company range, also at this lap LeEco decided to adopt the platform Qualcomm: specifically we have a SoC Snapdragon 820 MSM8996 with production process a 14 nm, including a CPU quad-core with architecture Kryo 64-bit ARMv8-A and 2 clusters: 2 x 2.15 GHz + 2 x 1.59 GHz.

Leeco le max 2

As we have already seen with the top of the Xiaomi range, we are talking about a decidedly performance solution, whose advantage, compared to the previous one Snap 810, is to present one greater optimization of consumption and of the temperature: consequently, we have a very high computing power, but with average consumption.

The graphic part is entrusted to the GPU Adreno 530 from 624 MHz, with which we will not have no problem in playing heavy games at maximum levels and with excellent fluidity.

leeco le max 2

Speaking of memories, the LeEco Le Max 2 was launched in the market 2 variants, ie with 4 / 6 GB of RAM and 32 / 64 GB of internal memory.
In our case we are talking about the first variant (since the second has not yet officially arrived), so we have 4 GB di RAM LPDDR4 dual channel from 1866 MHz. Even in this case there are no problems even during phases of intense multitasking, switchando quickly between the various apps running without any problems of reloading.

The internal memory is from 32 GB (of which 21.08 GB available to the user), and here we come to one of the main defects of this terminal, namely theabsence of support for micro SD. While not having the certainty, the form used should be of type UFS 2.0, seen thehigh speed found in use, but above all given the scores achieved in the appropriate benchmark AndroBench, which equal, and in many cases exceed those achieved by the Mi 5.

leeco le max 2

La web browsing, as in almost all of this type of device, is managed by the basic default browser, whose performances are all in all good, given the presence of some useful options, such as the Night mode (with which the whites become black), the ability to load sites without images and a kind of AdBlock integrated.
However, being an app designed for the Chinese market, we would like to advise you on the use of Google Chrome.

La video playback it also happens without problems, with support also to the files in 4K.

LeEco Le Max 2 - Benchmark

LeEco Le Max 2 - Photo Collection

The rear camera here is one Sony IMX230 da 21 mega-pixels, with focal opening f / 2.0, autofocus PDAF, stabilization EIS + OIS and a double LED flash dual tone.

leeco le max 2

For reference, here are other smartphones with the same sensor:

Click to expand the list

Therefore, on paper, we have the same photographic compartment as the previous LeTV One Max X900, with the exception of the front camera, which switches from 5 to 8 mega-pixels, with focal opening f / 2.2.

The camera interface is quite clean, and by performing lateral swypes we can access the modes Gallery, Panorama, Video e Slow-Motion.
In a similar way to what we saw with the Huawei P9, above the Shutter button there is a line, with which, by swiping upwards, we can access various functions, that is HDR, Night (that is Black and White), Square 1: 1, Beauty and Scenario.
On the top we can activate the Flash or switch to the front camera, in addition to having access to the settings, where we can adjust the various photographic parameters, including Exposure, White Balance, ISO, Contrast, Sharpness and Saturation. To signal theassenza of a real one Manual mode.
By pressing the button to the right of the Shutter we can use some automatic filters.

In well-lit situations the camera of the Le Max 2 gives its best, returning photos with a excellent level of detail and a good color range, saturated at the right point.

Here are some crop:

Il white balance it's good and the exposure adjustment it performs quite well, although in some circumstances you may notice a tendency to overexpose. We can remedy it through the settings, going to lower the exposure level.

To adjust the exposure we can also use the appropriate mode HDR, with which good results are obtained.

Very good too Macro.

Thanks to the mega-pixel 21 present here, the maximum 4x zoom guarantees above average results.

Good also the front camera, with a fair level of detail.

In night phase the brightness is quite good and you can get good shots, even if there is some digital noise. The operation of the double LED flash is also very good dual tone, able to illuminate correctly even in completely dark environments.

LeEco Le Max 2 - 4K / Full HD video test

But it is in the video recording that the biggest flaws of the sector are felt.

Primarily, there is no automatic focus; we do not know if it is an acerbity of this firmware, or if it is a real lack of the terminal.
Furthermore, the optical stabilization does not seem to behave particularly well compared to other competitors.

The selectable modes are 1080p e 4K, both a 30 fps, or in Slow-Motion format 720p a 120 fps.

LeEco Le Max 2 - Audio

As we said, this LeEco Le Max 2 is a device very tied to multimedia, which is also a certain cure of the audio part.

Indeed, the terminal integrates the technology Dolby Atmos, with which a sound quality above the average is guaranteed, in addition to the presence of the standard CDLA (Continous Digital Lossless Audio) regarding wireless audio streaming. As previously mentioned, the device has no mini jack input, therefore it is possible to remedy this lack in 2 ways:

  • with the use of the appropriate Mini-USB / Type-C adapter, which will prevent us from listening to music while charging the device;
  • with the use of Bluetooth headphones.

leeco le max 2

Without this clarification, we can safely say that the sound quality offered by Le Max 2 is from excellent workmanship, both when listening to headphones and from the speaker, with the latter able to provide good low frequencies.

The default player is well done graphically, but integrates various services dedicated to the Asian market, so we recommend the use of an alternative player (we recommend PowerAmp).

Very good listening through headset capsule in the call phase, as well as the operation of the double microphone.

Absent the FM radio.

LeEco Le Max 2 - Connectivity

The terminal allows use in dual Nano SIM, with support for networks 4G with modem LTE Cat.12 and presence of the 20 band. In fact, unlike the Xiaomi Mi 5, where the Snap 820 is present, but this band is disabled, here we do not find this limitation, with full compatibility with Italian networks. Absent the VoLTE.

La reception found was excellent, both outdoors and indoors, with rapid signal latches and cell changes even in the most difficult situations. The presence of the option "Personal Hotspot“, With which we can share the 4G connection by“ transforming ”our LeEco into a small router and creating a Wi-Fi network that can be used with other devices.

leeco le max 2

The Wi-Fi modem is of type a / b / g / n / ac Dual Band, with excellent reception and signal speed. We have then Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy and the aforementioned sensor IR.

Satellite navigation is guaranteed by the GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS/ Beidou, with a fast signal fix and, thanks to the presence of the compass, a correct direction of the indicator on Google Maps.

LeEco Le Max 2 - Software

The last one is on board the Le Max 2 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, all accompanied by the proprietary graphic interface EUI 5.6.014 Stable.

Let's start by saying that this is not a completely ready system "out of the box", since there are neither the Italian language nor Google services, which are however easily installed via the classic Google Installer.

That said, the EUI interface here is not particularly different from previous releases, except for the fact that we have, in fact, Android M as a basis.
As many of you will know, on this system the drawer is not present; if you do not like this choice, or if you do not like the graphic design of the EUI, you can always install an alternative launcher.

By making a swype from bottom to top we access the search bar, with which we can recall apps, messages and the various files on the device.
Conversely, with a swype from top to bottom we have the notification curtain, from which it is possible to manage the same.

Leeco le max 2 interface

The toogles are instead all integrated into the special screen, which can be accessed by pressing the appropriate capacitive button, which I find very convenient, as it groups, in fact, i rapid toogles, audio player and the multitasking, from which we can close the app in the background (one by one) or block them to avoid closure.

Leeco le max 2 interface

In this regard, I want to point out another defect (even if it is circumventable), or the receiving notifications. It will in fact be necessary to give all the various permissions through the various items for the management of notifications scattered across various menus. Once this was done I no longer had problems receiving notifications from Facebook, Messenger, Gmail and so on, except for Telegram: in this it will be necessary that the app is not closed in the multitasking screen, so as not to interrupt the push notifications.

To note the presence of the app Super Manager, or the service with which to manage some useful settings, including the option "Clean Junk", With which we can go to delete all the various files of waste accumulated over time.
The app is also very nice Wallpaper integrated into the system, with which it is possible to view (and use) various wallpapers for the phone, in addition to the presence of 9 themes to customize the interface more.
With the option "Do Not Disturb”It is possible to give priority to some contacts, who can easily call us and / or send us an SMS, which can also be set in certain time intervals.
Also present the option "Dual App"Which, unfortunately, currently only works with the WeChat app.

Leeco le max 2 interface

By default there are some apps for Asian users (for example Weibo), many of which can not be uninstalled.

Leeco le max 2 interface

LeEco Le Max 2 - Autonomy

A non-removable battery is integrated inside the device 3100 mAh.

I make a small premise: I found an incorrect indication of consumption values, both by the item Battery in Settings, or with third-party apps such as GSam Battery Monitor, so I will bring back the data I collected, rather than the not completely correct screenshots.

leeco le max 2

Here are some indicative data on consumption under the 4G network:

  • 30 gaming minutes: -11%
  • 30 streaming video minutes: -10%
  • 30 minutes web browsing: -8%
  • 60 minutes streaming audio: -4%

In practice, with a very intense use,. therefore perennially under the 4G network, automatic brightness, Bluetooth active, dual SIM use, 2 mail in push and all the various social apps running, I have reached a value of active display about 3 hours, while with a medium intense use, so with a few hours a day spent under Wi-Fi, you go up to 4 hours.

Ultimately, good consumption, if you consider the display certainly energivorous, and that align with the competition in this category of devices,

As regards the energy saving, we have a special screen where there are various options, including the "Ultra-long Standby during sleep", With which to disable any app and connection during standby of the display, and the ability to turn off and turn on the terminal at specific times.

Leeco le max 2 interface

Thanks to the standard Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 present here, it is possible to recharge the battery very quickly from 0% to 100% with the following times:

  • 05 min: 15%
  • 15 min: 37%
  • 30 min: 69%
  • 45 min: 90%
  • 60 min: 100%

LeEco Le Max 2 - Conclusions

Ultimately this LeEco Le Max 2 confirms itself to be a truly smartphone very interesting.

La construction el 'aesthetics I'm true top of the range, even if the absence of the mini jack input can undoubtedly be penalizing.
On a performance level there is nothing to say, this year Qualcomm has done a great job with the new Snapdragon 820, which proves to be the best chipset around at the moment, flanked only by Samsung's Exynos 8890.
A bonus to be reckoned with is the presence of the 20 band, almost always absent on the top of the range of Chinese origin.

leeco le max 2

Il photo gallery it is very good, even if it still has some flaws that do not allow the LeEco flagship to reach the well-rated cameraphone levels, like Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5.
Still to be perfected part software, which, although not behaving badly during daily use, still has some more or less penalizing acerbity.

Il LeEco Le Max 2 It is available for purchase on the online store TopResellerStore at a price of 429 €, with Italy 24 month warranty shipments from Italy.