LeEco Le 2, the complete review

LeEco Le 2

We've been trying for a few days now all the new devices in the LeEco range, or maybe, for the most nostalgic, better call it LeTV; however we start our review of reviews, logically, starting from the base device of the range, or the LeEco Le 2.

Base range, but with so many things to say and with an operation that, to tell the truth, has nothing to envy even to the older brother; ready to find out with us?


LeEco The 2 can be purchased on TopResellerStore a 229 €.

LeEco Le 2, the full review of GizChina.it

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LeEco Le 2 - Sales package


Very simple the packaging of the new LeEco devices; made of white cardboard, inside the sales box of LeEco Le 2 we can find:

  • LeEco Le 2;
  • quick charger, with Chinese plug, USB input and 2A output;
  • USB data cable - TypeC;
  • quick manuals (in Chinese);
  • SIM removal pin;
  • TypeC-Aux adapter.

LeEco Le 2 - Design and materials


Take a LeTv 1S and put it side by side with the new LeEco Le 2; done? Here, in the front the two devices are practically identical, while along the back cover you can see a lot of differences, starting with the company logo which has been totally renewed, especially with regard to the name change.

However LeEco Le 2 It is made entirely of aluminum, the body is unibody and the finishes are done in a way to say the least poco flawless; the materials present are of the highest quality, the gold-colored painting is really very elegant and the satin effect of the aluminum present gives a touch of greater elegance to the entire device.

It is possible to notice, then, two horizontal bands of different colors along the back cover which, presumably, make sure that the reception of the device in the telephone field is better.

excellent they are also the finishes near the camera, which is raised a few mm compared to the rest of the smartphone, as well as the biometric scanner, which is slightly encased in the back cover and has an almost mirror-like design, however, unfortunately, tends to get dirty very easily (keeping impressions imprinted when we use it to unlock it).

Then you will find the button layout and the inputs available on the LeEco Le 2.


Starting from analyzing the left side, we find the cart at the top that can accommodate the two SIM cards in nano format.


Moving to the right, however, LeEco has inserted the rocker for volume adjustment as well as the power button.


At the bottom, then, on the left we find the microphone (which, seen the grid pitted like a speaker, could be misleading and leave a stereo speaker), the TypeC connector and the speaker.


At the top, instead, we find only the infrared port; as is well known, the 3.5mm headphone jack is missing, but you can continue to use it via a small adapter that comes with it, which transforms the TypeC port into a headphone input.

LeEco Le 2 - Display


LeEco Le 2 is equipped with a display from 5.5 inches with resolution, of course, FullHD 1920 × 1080 pixels, on a type panel LCD with pixel density equal to 401PPI.

Temporarily put aside the technical data related to , in daily use LeEco Le 2 on the qualitative front of the display it did not disappoint us; the color calibration is definitely good and the viewing angles are excellent. Interesting is the presence of various "presets" present in the settings that allow you to change the parameters relative to the color temperature.

However, what is slightly irrelevant black bands around the display about 3mm thick for each side that negatively affect the design in the first place. Another little flaw, if you want to be punctilious, is the maximum brightness that under the strong sunlight, does not allow us to fully enjoy all the contents on the display.

LeEco Le 2 - Internal memory

The LeEco Le 2 is equipped with an internal memory equal to 32GB that, net of pre-installed apps (many of which only in Chinese and easily removable) and the operating system, correspond approximately 24GB actually available.

However, for users who need more internal memory, there is bad news; the lack of an expansion slot via microSD will force you to make the "integrated" 32GBs suffice.

LeEco Le 2 - Hardware and performance

In the smartphone scene, one of the mid-high-end and low-cost processors that has managed to amaze the most is the already perfectly tested Mediatek Helio X20, SoC with deca-core structure that also animates the new LeEco Le 2.

The LeEco range-based smartphone, in fact, is powered by a SoC Mediatek Helio X20 Deca-Core 2 × 2.3GHz Cortex-A72 + 4 × 2.0GHz Cortex-A53 + 4 × 1.4Ghz Cortex-A53, as well as 3GB RAM memory of type LPPDR to 933MHz and one GPU Mali-T880 Quad-Core 700MHz MP4.

There are still many skeptical users who do not believe in the goodness of Mediatek that, with this SoC, has obtained the results that many of us expected, both in terms of price but above all in terms of performance and optimization.

LeEco Le 2

The new LeEco Le 2, in fact, in everyday use does not struggle in any operation to which it is subjected; we used it for different types of tests, and it showed no obvious signs of abating if not some uncertainty, but certainly due to the ROM not studied for our country.

However starting from Gaming with Asphalt 8 the device is able to achieve medium-high performance; at maximum graphic details the fps in game are quite high and the device does not heat up particularly even with a rather prolonged use.

Il web browsing at a performance level it is good; websites are quick to open and pages can be explored without difficulty, even if the stock browser is radically in Chinese with favorites and search engines in that language; our advice is dispassionate, in this case, to adopt Google Chrome.

The reproduction of the videos, then, fully satisfies; all the video samples we used for the tests were reproduced without problems, including the file in 4K MP4.

Next, instead, find the benchmarking performed on the LeEco Le 2.

LeEco Le 2 - Antutu Benchmark

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LeEco Le 2 - Audio

Equipped with a mono speaker, located at the bottom next to the connector TypeC, the quality of the audio reproduced by the LeEco Le 2 is very good; first of all, the volume is high enough to be able to warn the arrival of any notifications even in chaotic environments (even if, the system notifications are rather "silent").

Furthermore, sound equalization is good and with i sample audio used we have noticed how highs and lows are in perfect symbiosis.

LeEco Le 2 - Connectivity

Sul connectivity compartment the LeEco Le 2 proved to be a good smartphone, with always excellent reception and a truly remarkable speed of connection to the network.

Il device is equipped with a housing able to accommodate two SIM cards (both in nano format) and almost fully supports LTE networks, with the exception of the 20 band, of which we do not talk much online, but that, through some tests, we have established that we are not present.


The aspects related to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, on the other hand, do not create particular difficulties so there are no notes to be made about it.

LeEco Le 2 - Camera


LeEco The 2 comes with a sensor CMOS da 16 mega-pixels in the back, while with one from 8 mega-pixels (information about which the manufacturer is not known) on the front.

The camera application is well done; in the interface there are many options to take pictures, either manually or completely automatically; the implementations of the camera in third-party apps, however, are not excellent and if you try to take a picture, for example from Facebook Messenger to send it in chat to some friend, you run into a application crash. This problem, in our model, was also highlighted when trying to open the camera settings that, as soon as they are selected, crash inexplicably.

However a qualitative level we liked the LeEco Le 2 camera quite a lot, even if in low light the details photographed are not excellent, and the photographs below testify to this; macros with good light that, if taken with a slightly more "expert" hand, they manage to be really good.

LeEco Le 2 - FullHD 1080p video recording test

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LeEco Le 2 - Autonomy

One of the aspects that, although interesting, convinced me less is undoubtedly the battery life; equipped with a unit from 3000 mAh the LeEco Le 2 in the screens you see above lasted about 10 hours with a very stressful use with two SIMs inserted and with fixed navigation in H + for all the 3 hours of active screen that it managed to obtain in our tests.

However, using it in a less stressful way it is still difficult to reach the end of the day with more than 3 half hour active screen, although it must be said that charging times are rather small, so the problem is slightly reduced.

LeEco Le 2 - Software

At the software level, LeEco Le 2 comes with the usual one LeUI that, compared to the last generation has not changed absolutely, if not for the Android base that passes from Lollipop to Marshmallow. However, even in this generation, relative to software, there are some negative aspects to highlight such as, for example, the lack of Google services (which, however, can be installed manually without any difficulty) and theabsence of the Italian language within the system.

However, the system works well in our country, with the exception of some applications that, logically, can not work here.

LeEco Le 2 - Photo Gallery

LeEco Le 2 - Final considerations

Once again, as often happened on the market Chinese smartphone, we are faced with a smartphone that really has all the credentials to do well in every situation but that, unfortunately, does not have a software up to the level and able to make use of all the potential that comes with it.

LeEco Le 2, therefore, comes out victorious from our review and our tests, except for the software, on which, however, we remain hopeful waiting for some modder ready to make a ROM to make this device impeccable.

LeEco The 2 can be purchased on TopResellerStore a 229 €.