Huawei: The CEO claims that 2K displays are a waste

Through Weibo, the CEO di Huawei, Yu Chengdong, expressed an opinion against the use of display 2K and how they are just an expenditure.

The Chinese company has long resisted the use of 2K panels on their smartphones stating that it is not necessary to use such a high resolution on one mobile since it would only produce a waste of energy on the battery but also on the performance.

The CEO of Huawei is against 2K displays

Huawei is not alone because many smartphone users agree with this assumption. While the 2K might seem like a really big technical data with a strong impact for bragging with friends, there's really no need for this resolution (see for example the OnePlus 2 or the Vivo Xplay 5).

Just today, the CEO Chengdong he made a statement through Weibo saying that the 2K displays are just a waste. He continues claiming that even a HD display can cope with higher resolutions (taking the case of the iPhone) and that a panel a 1080p it's more than enough to provide an excellent view of the contents.

Huawei 2K display


Although the company claims that the 2K schemas it's not worth it to equip a smartphone, this does not mean we will not see QHD devices of Huawei in the future. In the same post, the CEO he also admitted that smartphone enthusiasts Quad HD could lead to more sales in the mobile sector.

And what do you think of all this? You prefer to have a device with display Full HD o Quad HD?