The 5 news of the week #4 by GizChinaIT

Accurate as a Swiss watch, this Saturday the fixed appointment with our column of "the 5 news of the #4 week of" arrives. The protagonists of today?

Discover them in our video below! We anticipate only two names: OnePlus and ZTE. Ready?

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1) OnePlus gives VR viewers for the next launch event 


On the occasion of the next launch event whose date is still unknown, OnePlus is already paving the way for its users, giving the possibility to even a rather large number, to receive a VR visor at home for free (with only shipping costs to user) to be able to attend the next event.

Another good news, then, was that relating to the decrease in the price list of OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X; Is it time to empty the warehouses?

2) Asus Zenfone 3: top of the range "beats everyone"? 


Once again we are aware of many interesting information from the various online archives of the benchmark app; the last sighted is the Zenfone 3 of Asus, smartphone probably destined to defeat the competition with impeccable hardware and a price, it is rumored, even below the euro 350.

That Asus is, perhaps, willing to put KO LG and Samsung on the western market, and the various Xiaomi and Meizu in the east?

3) Xiaomi: are some shippers dangerous? 


The protagonist also this week is Xiaomi which, unfortunately, has been shrouded by a controversy that is anything but positive concerning some wall-mounted chargers of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 which, according to some investigations, appear to be defective and able to release small electric shocks to users who are going to insert them into the power outlets.

Only a sterile polemic, or all the truth? What was the idea of ​​some competitor to tarnish Xiaomi that continues to defeat the competition?

4) ZTE Axon 7: we also want it in Italy! 


Technical card from fear, performance that, apparently, will give a hard time to the best performing smartphones and, therefore, what else to ask more to ZTE after this really interesting Axon 7?

Without a doubt the main question is: "When do you arrive in Italy? Hurry up, we can't wait to try them with an Ad-Hoc ROM for our country !! ".

5) Xiaomi Mi Drone e Mi Band 2: they arrive very soon!


The Xiaomi Mi Drone was announced, one less weight; the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will officially come out on June 7, so keep your credit cards ready because this time Xiaomi is serious (as if at other times joking ...).

A drone with flakes, a high-end product with an entry-level price; a Mi Band 2 that, apparently, will be equipped with a screen that will allow us to interact with all the measurements made by the sensor. What more could you wish for?

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Appointment to next Saturday with "The 5 news of the week of GizChina".