Also this week, as usual, the Chinese producer Xiaomi has released a new one Update his Owner ROM, Or the MIUI 6.3.31.

Unfortunately the list of changes of the weekly version "China Developer"Turns out to be really lacking in relevant news, even lower than the average of previous updates.

Basically we find only two novelties, that is, the possibility of creating a reminder area of deadline of the payment area of credit card directly from a SMS (or push reminder) and the possibility of cancel multiple alarms at the same time through a multiple selection.

Let's take a look, therefore, to the complete changelog of changes made by development team Xiaomi.

The complete changelog of the MIUI 6.3.31

New - Calendar can add credit card payment by SMS or push reminder.

New - A long press on an alarm allows multiple selection for deletion

Unfortunately, according to many fans of the ROM MIUI, there is a certain criticism regarding the fact that Xiaomi it is focusing on issues of secondary aspect, compared to what are the needs of consumers on aspects of greater importance in the daily use of devices.

In the meantime, we just have to wait as usual weekly version area of MIUI translated into Italian, with the hope that in the coming weeks the developers will release updates of greater interest to the fans Xiaomi.