Tronsmart Titan: loader to 5 ports with Quick Charge 2.0, the proof of

Tronsmart Titan

There are more and more devices that take advantage of the various technology of rapid recharge, not only among the top of the range but also on the mid-range devices, a sign of how this technology is becoming increasingly popular.

Precisely for this reason we decided to try a branded charger Tronsmart characterized by well 5 USB ports with quick charge Quick Charge 2.0, Or the Tronsmart Titan, available to 29,90 € on Amazon.

Tronsmart Titan: loader to 5 ports with Quick Charge 2.0, the proof of

Packaging and technical specifications

The packaging of the product is quite monotonous, and is made of white cardboard both front and back. At the front we find the logo Tronsmart and a representation of the product, while in the back some information about the device.

Inside we find only the charger, the power cord with European plug and a small warranty voucher. Absent any connection cables Micro USB for your smartphone.

The loader has a maximum total output of A 10 a 5 volt e 9 volt, and up to A 7.5 a 12 volt, For a total of 90 Watt of total power. On balance, we have a maximum of 18 Watt per port, which is the equivalent of an output a 12 volt a A 1.5, just the maximum voltage supported by Quick Charge 2.0 di Qualcomm.

The input, however, is of A 2.4 at a voltage of 240 volt and a frequency between i 50 and of 60Hz. Finally, the dimensions are of 15.9 x 8.4 centimeters for a thickness 2.9 cm, while the weight amounts to just under 300 grams.

Design and construction

The shape of the charger is rectangular and the edges are rounded, the design is quite anonymous but simple, very similar to many other devices of this type. The shell is made of excellent opaque black plastic, very durable and pleasant to the touch.

Tronsmart Titan

At the top we find the logo "Tronsmart", While on the back there are all the specifications of the product and its inputs and outputs, accompanied by four rubber feet that make the device more stable.

Moving on to the front profile, we find the five full-size USB ports colored green, while on the right and left side we do not find writings or connectors. On the opposite side, however, there is the appropriate bipolar connector for the power cord, followed by a classic ON / OFF switch.

Good constructive solidity and the returned grip, index of the goodness of this product and of the materials adopted. I have not found crunches or push-ups at any point, and even the plastic adopted seems to be quite resistant to scratches and signs of wear.

Anonymous design, on the false line of many other similar products.

Try charging, consumption and temperatures

Going to perform a charging test with a device Quick Charge 2.0 e 4 powerbank with input of A 2 a 5 V, I noticed a consumption equal to 61 Watt / hwhich, reckoning, correspond to the total power used by the recharge of four power banks added to 18 Watt of the device with Quick Charge 2.0.

I could not perform the tests well 5 device Quick Charge, but on balance the real consumption should not deviate much from that declared by the manufacturer, resulting slightly higher than the 90 Watt declared.

Recharge times a A 2 e 5 volt of my smartphone have proven to be aligned with those of the original charger, as well as with the device Quick Charge 2.0, where I found values ​​appropriate to the technology of Qualcomm, recording charging times of approx 25 / 30 minutes to load from 0 to 50% my smartphone with a battery from 3000 mAh, thus being aligned with the manufacturer's statements.

Also good stability of the output current intensity, as well as the voltage, which during the tests have proved to be stable and suitable for charging smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Temperatures, which under stress have remained on, are also acceptable 40° C, making the loader shell slightly warm, especially at the rear near the power connector.

Crypto Engine: The verdict

Il Tronsmart Titan proved to be a valid product during our test and designed for those who have many devices to be recharged quickly. Good construction quality, materials and assembly, as well as charging performance and consumption, which proved to be appropriate to the statements.

Tronsmart Titan is available for purchase on 29,90 € on Amazon.