Amazon's day deals: smartphones and #3 accessories

Here we are back to the daily appointment with the best offers of the well-known online retailer The Amazon; even today the variety is not lacking, depending on whether you are looking for a low-cost smartphone, or much more simply some cheap accessory to always carry with you.

But let's not hesitate and let's go and discover together today's best offers!

As for the smartphone we have selected only one on offer:

On the other hand, there are definitely numerous accessories; in fact you will have a wide choice between different categories!

We remind you that several of these offers are lightning, which means that you will have roughly 9 hours from now on to take advantage of the discount!

Furthermore, they are almost all covered by the program Amazon Prime, which means that if you are enrolled in the program, you will be able to take advantage of them Free shipping and also of the 1 day shipping!

What do you think of these different offers? Have you found the right one for you?