The evolution of Meizu told through its logo

Meizu logo

Today we will face a brief excursus on the history of the logo of Meizu. As in any company, the logo is the image of the company and represents the characteristics and strengths of the entire company.

Founded the March 14 2003 da J.Wong, great passionate about technology, the Chinese company Meizu started his career as a producer of portable music players, achieving success thanks to high quality MP3 players with a refined design.
This is the company's first logo, which we see exposed on the company's old headquarters:


The latter, however, was replaced as soon as 2 years later, in 2005, when a logo was adopted that could convey the idea of ​​a technological and cutting-edge company.

Meizu LogoIn fact, the "M" is composed of three columns of different widths that, moving from left to right, give the idea of ​​continuous movement. Just what Meizu wanted to convey to its users.
This logo was used for more than 10 years.

The company's true turn came in the 2009 when it was presented the first smartphone, the M8, with WinCE operating system.
The launch of this product marked the profound change that will bring the company in the current condition of manufacturer of smartphones, accessories and other technological devices.

The continuous evolution of Meizu and his team brings, in the 2012, at the launch of the MX smartphone series and of the homonymous model, characterized by a new and elegant design and a strong attention to the user experience.

Meizu MX

The 30 June of the same year, we attend the presentation of Flyme 1.0, first version of the Android-based Meizu proprietary operating system.

In September 2015, during the presentation event of the Meizu PRO 5The "restyling" made to the company logo was also presented, which is presented with softer and softer lines than the previous one, to keep up with the times.

New Logo of Meizu

"We wanted the new logo to give the image of a company that is more human and close to the needs of its users" said Chris Chen, Director of Design of Meizu.
Below you will find a video, posted directly by the Chinese manufacturing company, which shows the background of the realization of the new logo and the efforts made by the whole team.

After 13 years of experience, growth and evolution, the company has achieved the international success. Today Meizu boasts over 4000 employees, 2000 physical stores in China, 30 million Flyme users and several international divisions in countries such as Italy, Russia, India, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and many others.

During the 2015, he reached the finish line of the 20 million smartphones sold.

And we are sure that the 2016 will be a more than prolific year for Meizu.