Huawei: new position on 2K panels?

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About a year ago Huawei CEO, Yu Chengdong, made headlines by expressing their opinion on display 2K used on mobile devices on the market at the time. According to the head of the consumer division of the Chinese giant, in fact, the use of such an exaggerated resolution was a waste of resources, as in the eyes of users there was little (almost no) difference between a Full HD panel and a Quad HD.

Additionally, this type of resolution would negatively impact battery life and overall performance. Today, however, Chengdong replied on Weibo to some users about any Huawei devices with 2K display, suggesting that the company's position may soon change.

Huawei may change parry on the 2K displays

While he questioned the usefulness of such panels last year, Huawei's CEO today acknowledged that many users prefer the QHD schemes compared to Full HD and, moreover, he added that the Chinese company is making great efforts to achieve a technological breakthrough.

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In particular, he stated that he has revised his opinion on this technology, and that an upcoming smartphone from the company could use a 2K display to make virtual reality more usable.

Il recent announcement di Huawei VR has therefore prompted the manufacturer to re-evaluate 2K displays, as a high resolution is a prerequisite for a good visual experience and no current device of the company brings this type of panels with it. The number of QHD detractors could, therefore, decrease further.