It would seem that Qualcomm, after the problems with the Snapdragon 810, has largely managed to remedy the design errors, returning to the quad-core architecture with the new Snapdragon 820.

Depending on the excellent performance of the Snap 820 many are the producers, such as Gree, which are aiming to provide their currently most powerful SoC flagships in circulation.

Although Mediatek has recently presented his Helio X20, the first deca-core processor used in the mobile field, according to the same Taiwanese chipmaker company the true rival of the Snap 820 it will be the future Helio X30, which we probably will not see before the end of this year.

Gree: new flagship coming soon with Snapdragon 820!

Gree, a Chinese company known in the field of the production of air conditioners, has tried to enter the market of low-end smartphones presenting a device in competition from the point of view of the technical characteristics with the Xiaomi Redmire 2, but with a negative outcome to say the least poco discounted, considering the retail price close to i dollars 250, about a quarter 220 € al current exchange rate.


The company, for its part, would seem not to want to give up the smartphone market and rumors are circulating Gree would be willing to produce a high-end smartphone for precisely equipped with the Snapdragon 820.

According to rumors, the price of this flagship proposed by Gree it could be quite high around 3000 yuan, about a quarter 408 € al current exchange rate.

Unfortunately, except for the SoC that this new smartphone could mount on board, we still do not know anything about the complete technical specifications, more details could be unveiled during this month.

Will be able Gree to present a competitive device for technical characteristics and price compared to the current top of the range?