Focus on DOOGEE Y300, P1 and smartwatch S1

Recently the Chinese company DOOGEE surprised everyone by officially launching on the market three very interesting devices created to always be connected to each other. We are talking about the P1 portable projector, the DOOGEE Y300 smartphone and S1 smartwatch.

DOGEE P1, the smart projector that works even without Wi-Fi

Doogee p1

The first product that we analyze and what you see pictured above, or the smart projector DOOGEE P1 very compact, with an attractive design (especially the white version) and very interesting features. The device in question in fact has as its primary function to project the image on our smartphone.

The peculiarity lies in the fact that the projector can also perform this operation in no Wi-Fi connection, using the hotspot made available directly from our smartphone (both Android and iOS).

Introduced interesting new features to the DOOGEE Y300 camera

Doogee Y300

After adding some interesting features concerning the audio recording, now DOOGEE wants to further improve the photographic experience of the user with his smartphone DOOGEE Y300.

With the front camera, in fact, now the user can take beautiful selfie with any type of exposure, using the "Timer-selfies"To have time to pose and support"shots at night"(Or the screen will turn white to illuminate our face during the selfie).

For the snapshot of a selfie there will also be six different shooting modes, namely:

  • I shoot when the user smiles;
  • touch at the touch of the screen (at any point);
  • shot with the left side button;
  • continuous shooting.

DOOGEE smartwatch S1, the wearable camera equipped

Doogee s1

The last device we are going to analyze is the DOOGEE smartwatch S1 the wearable of the Chinese company that immediately struck by the components it is equipped with, starting from the side camera from 500 pixels and SIM support with internet connection type 2G and 3G.

Although it may seem more focused on the phone part that fitness should not be fooled, S1 indeed has heartbeat sensor e pedometer, with some interesting features to program all our exercises that can serve us to be fit.