[Guide] Dual boot Cyanogenmod-Ubuntu Touch for Meizu MX4

DualBoot Meizu

How many of you are in possession of a Meizu MX4 Standard and, intrigued by the model Ubuntu Touch, would they like to have the possibility to choose the operating system of their device? From today it is possible to satisfy this desire by installing in dual boot Android (in version Cyanogenmod) and the smartphone version of the famous Canonical distribution.

Before explaining the procedure to achieve this result, however, we would like to remind you that currently it is not yet possible to obtain anative installation. This, in fact, would require a resizing of the "system partition", which is still under development and therefore not available to the public.

oto by Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition

We also recommend you to pay close attention to the steps of the tutorial, as the improper use of the procedure could be harmful to your device. The staff of GizChina.it, in fact, assumes no responsibility for any damage to your Meizu MX4 resulting from installation in dual boot of Cyanogenmod and Ubuntu Touch.

Having said that, we refer you to the actual guide, available on our forum and we invite you to participate in large numbers in the related discussion, where you can receive updates and give advice to other users.

Aren't you curious to venture into this modding operation? Although complex, it still seems like a great opportunity to try Ubuntu Touch. Let us know what you think by writing in the comments!

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