Just as the top-of-the-range smartphone sector is very fierce, an almost similar situation occurs between the band devices low-cost, which, although they do not have the latest generation of hardware, are interesting for those who simply do not want to invest very high figures or do not have these budgets.

The question, which we will try to answer is if it is possible to spend around 70 euro to bring home a well-built device, with a nice design and with performance that, in relation to the expense, can make us satisfied. Our will succeed Bluboo Picasso to respond positively to our questions? To know it, there is nothing left to discover it in our review!

Bluboo Picasso - The review of Gizchina.it

Bluboo Picasso - Sales package

Given the selling price, the equipment inside the small sales box is not impressive which, made of blue cardboard, in addition to the smartphone contains:

  • wall power supply with Italian outlet da 5V 0.2A;
  • micro USB cable - USB;
  • user manual in English.

Bluboo Picasso - Design and Materials

At first glance, the smartphone is truly a pleasant surprise.

In front of us we find a device that, although it is made entirely of plastic, denotes a excellent assembly, really impeccable for a low-cost device, and also some very original features from the design point of view, if we think of the texture of the back cover made with a special system of 3d printing which, despite the use of hard plastic materials, guarantees elasticity and resistance to impact.

Moreover, what has positively impressed us regards the feature of the same not to hold absolutely finger-tight during daily use.

Bluboo PicassoAt an ergonomic level, the smartphone makes using one hand quite simple and free of problems, thanks to the small size of 142 x 70 x 8.2 mm, With a weight of 152 grams, and the good grip on the back cover, not slippery and curved on both sides.

Bluboo PicassoIl perimeter frame, although it may seem made of metal, it is built in plastic material and integrates on the right side the volume rocker and the on / off button.

On the lower edge there are two symmetrical grids, placed on the sides of the micro-USB port, where the main microphone and the system speaker are located, while on the upper edge there is the mini-jack input for headphones and the second microphone for the suppression of ambient noise.

Bluboo PicassoAlso in this we find confirmation in the solidity of construction of the smartphone: the keys have a good run and are firmly in place, and even the connection of the micro-USB cable to recharge the device remains stable in place.

Bluboo Picasso

On the front we find the display from 5 inches diagonal. On it are the 3 soft keys, certainly contributing not to dirty the elegant lines of the smartphone and making it much more pleasant than other devices in this range, in which the keys are drawn on the lower part outside the display. Also present is the tactile feedback.

Bluboo Picasso

On the upper part we find the ear capsule, the front camera from 8 mega-pixels equipped with single LED flash, the brightness sensor and the proximity sensor and finally the Notification LED not RGB.

Bluboo PicassoBy removing the back cover, free of creaks and firmly attached to the device, we can observe the Removable battery da 2500 mAh, the dedicated micro SD slot and of 2 micro SIM slots, thanks to which it is possible to expand the memory without sacrificing the use in dual SIM.

Still remaining on this part of the device, we find the rear camera from the top left 8 mega-pixels, with dual flash LEDs monochromatic, absolutely flush with the back cover, and in the central part of the same the company logo.

Bluboo Picasso - Display

As anticipated above, the display of the Bluboo Picasso is a drive from 5 inches diagonal with resolution HD 1280 x 720 pixel and pixel density of 294 PPI, equipped with a particular defined construction "Suspended" which would guarantee greater resistance in the event of collisions.

Bluboo Picasso

La color rendering è discreet, slightly below average maximum brightness. Too bad for the blacks that really turn out poco deep and veer more in angled vision, as we are generally used to seeing on panels IPS.

However, the option is present Miravision, with which you can adjust the contrast and saturation of the display to your taste. The viewing angle is discreet, with no particular critical issues.

La brightness maximum appears to be acceptable, discreet readability outdoors, although in direct sunlight conditions a higher brightness would have been desirable. Il brightness sensor does its duty and we did not find sudden changes in the brightness of the display.

About the touch screen we did not find any uncertainties, with a multi-touch to 5 touches simultaneous. For what concern touch & feel, appears to be average for a device in this price range.

Value low per quanto riguarda oleofobicità and just enough for the reflectivity.

Bluboo Picasso - Hardware and performance

The terminal adopts a chipset MediaTek MT6580, mainly used for low-cost devices: this is a SoC with a processor quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 with architecture 32 bit ARMv7 and clock frequency of 1.3 GHz.

You have already guessed that this is not a particularly lending solution, all easily found through the results obtained in the various benchmark tests; Nevertheless, the device in daily use is free from particular imputations or lag, probably due to a decent optimization and software very close to the stock version of Android, so rather light.

The graphic sector is managed by a dated single-core GPU ARM Mali-400, low-end graphics card that definitely suffers the weight of the years. Also in this case the same is true for the CPU: games like Asphalt 8, Real Racing 3 e Modern Combat 5 turn in an enjoyable way (clearly in low details), without going to particularly affect the user experience.

Furthermore, the Bluboo Picasso does not heat particularly, thanks to both the plastic construction and low-power performance: after the performance of the various benchmark tests, or after a session of gaming for several minutes, the back of the device is slightly warm, more precisely at the top of the back cover.

On the memory front we have 2 GB of RAM, which ensures good usability while keeping several apps open. Also discreet internal memory da 16 GB. It is also possible to expand the memory through the special micro SD slot up to 32 GB.

Bluboo Picasso - Antutu Benchmark

Bluboo Picasso - Cameras

The photographic sector of this device remains below the sufficiency. The rear camera has a 8 mega-pixels with opening f / 2.0 e double flash LED monochrome, and the anterior one is also from 8 mega-pixels, but equipped with single flash LED.
The software is the stock of MediaTek.

In situations of low brightness the results are poor and even with flash the situation does not improve much. Clicking in HDR the improvements are almost imperceptible and the colors tend to mix. The situation then worsens during the night.

Furthermore, the focus it is a bit slow, and in some situations it can be difficult not to get blurred photos, especially in the "point and shoot".

Bluboo Picasso - Full HD 1080p video recording test

The videos are shot at a maximum resolution of 1080p and are saved in the format .3gp, now definitely unused by the latest generation devices.

La stabilization, digital type, works with the limitations due to the technology itself, and it will therefore be necessary to have a steady enough hand to make a stable shot.
In low light situations, however, videos tend to be grainy.

Bluboo Picasso - Connectivity

In a rather anachronistic way, the device supports maximum connectivity 3G, thus being devoid of fast 4G LTE connectivity. The Dual SIM è managed well, but does not present any particular customization: therefore, the possibility of setting different ringtones for the two cards is absent.

La reception è discreet with both SIM, both in the voice and data departments, and during our tests we did not experience any changes in signal reception.
Absent the 3G band to 900 MHz, so if you are an H3G customer you may encounter some coverage problems inside buildings and / or in peripheral areas.

All in the norm about the modem Wi-Fi of type 802.11 b / g / n, since we have never had problems in connecting and registering a new network, as in hooking up networks already saved. HotKnot present.

Il Bluetooth 4.0 It does its job and we have not encountered any problems with the connection GPS; indoors, in rooms that are not particularly isolated, the signal is hooked not very quickly, while the situation improves if we place ourselves near a window, where the hooking to the satellites turns out to be quite rapid.

No problem connecting to the PC through the USB port: the device was immediately recognized and it was possible to perform all the operations of normal file transfer from the smartphone to the computer and vice versa.

Bluboo Picasso - Software

On board the Picasso we find Android Lollipop 5.1, with a customized graphical interface from Bluboo mainly with regard to system icon graphics, while the rest of the graphical interface is practically the same stock di Android, all for the sake of the fluidity of the system considering the hardware not exactly the latest.

The settings menu follows the version of Android Stock: therefore present theapp drawer, no particular addition from the producer except for the menu "Gesture recognition" (Gestures), where beyond the always useful Double Tap to Wake there are other gestures that can be made on the screen by matching a specific operation by drawing different letters on the screen. Very few pre-installed apps at the time of powering up, among which we also find a rather fluid browser in the navigation phase, although we always suggest the installation of Chrome to take advantage of a better web experience.

Bluboo Picasso - Autonomy

The battery provides an average autonomy leading us to the end of the day without particular worries: it is a unit from 2500 mAh, but it must be borne in mind, however, that the device is equipped with an HD only screen and that the SoC used is not particularly energy-intensive, therefore, we could expect a perhaps slightly higher autonomy.

Bluboo Picasso

Negative notes concern the charging of the device. The charger with an output alone 0.2A allows the full recharge in about 4 hours, that is an eternity for a battery of this capacity, far from the modern fast charging technologies that guarantee in daily use poco time to take us to the end of the day in case of need.

Bluboo Picasso - Audio

Although, from such an inexpensive device, from a multimedia point of view one can not expect much, the manufacturer has implemented more than a few options for improving the audio part. In fact, they are present special settings to optimize the audio output, both in headset that ofspeaker system, including the mode Surround, for an equalizer a five bands and another feature that allows you to improve the audio range by linking it to the type of source we are listening to, that is music or film.

The position of the system loudspeaker on the lower edge of the device is functional. Even if the smartphone is placed on a flat surface, it does not involve problems of suffocation of the sound. The audio in the headphones, although not exceptional in terms of quality, has a high volume even if at most it tends slightly to distort.

Regarding the telephone part the audio we received, both in earpiece and hands-free, it turned out tall and clear; the microphone works well and our interlocutor has not found any problems in receiving our voice.

Present the FM Radio, with a very basic interface that we could define as too minimal.

Bluboo Picasso - Photo Gallery

Bluboo Picasso - Conclusions

Overall we can say that the Bluboo Picasso, despite the very low price, it is a device that can be considered not only as a telephone "reserve".

From the aesthetic and constructive point of view really nothing to complain about. Too bad for using a dated chipset that precludes the possibility of using 4G LTE connectivity. As you may have noticed flaws are mainly present in the photographic industry, although it is a duty to consider that we talk about a device that makes the price its trump card and objectively for what it offers overall we feel to promote it with the necessary reservations listed above.

Bluboo Picasso It is available for purchase on the online store Gearbest, in the colors Sapphire Blue, Champagne e White, at a price of 63,64 euro.