Allwinner makes a laptop with Remix OS from 70 euro

Portable Allwinner with Remix OS from 79 dollars

The technology has reached such a high level that some companies are starting to make products available on the market at truly astounding prices.

Walmart, for example, launched one smartphone from 10 dollars with on-board Android and that would greatly remind theiPhone, the latter however was launched in the 2007 for the price of $ 600, while the Ringing Bells started pre-orders for one smartphone alone 4 dollars that has literally driven the web crazy.

Now the Chinese semiconductor company Allwinner Technology seems to have made a laptop with an operating system Android with a price that has literally surpassed all records of any international market, just dollars 79, about 69,81 € at the current exchange!

But what can this seventy euro laptop do exactly? Paradoxically the specifications of this branded device Allwinner microprocessor based ARM they are definitely surprising for the price at which it is offered. The display has a diagonal of 11,6 inches and has a resolution poco above theHD di 1366 768 pixels x.

Under the shell there is a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor with architecture a 64 bit powered alone 1 GB di RAM and a internal memory di 8 GB. There is also one integrated webcam above the screen.

However, it is possible to opt for a more powerful version with more storage space, reaching i 16 32 GB, more RAM, Up to 2 GB, and even a larger screen reaching i 14,1 inches with an addition of dollars 20 more, about 17,70 € at the current exchange rate.

Both versions work with Remix OS, the operating system based on Android but redesigned and specifically designed for fixed and portable computers. Here you can see a video showing the aforementioned device in operation and in different configurations.

It is necessary to underline that this laptop of the Allwinner will have a cost of dollars 79 only for bulk orders. Despite this, it could be an excellent solution to be able to equip classrooms or companies with a limited budget.

Furthermore, the manufacturer will be able to supply this device on a large scale if it generates enough interest. However, based on the rumors circulating on the web and considering the prices of competitors, we would be surprised if this laptop does not receive the deserved attention Allwinner He hopes.

Would you be interested in such a product at this price? Let us know in the comments. However, we will keep you updated and we hope as soon as possible to provide you with a detailed review of the device.

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