Huawei VR: new VR viewer with 360 degree audio

Huawei VR

After witnessing the official presentation of new smartphones P9 and P9 Plus in London, Huawei back to our attention with another product.

This is the Huawei VR, Or a viewer for virtual reality that the Chinese manufacturer launched today, somewhat surprisingly, in Shanghai.
With this headset, Huawei joins forces with the likes of Samsung and LG in the virtual reality sector.

Huawei VR (7)

Huawei VR challenge Samsung Gear VR

Huawei VR, in name and design, recalls the VR Gear di Samsung; however there are some innovative elements in this viewer that make it different from the other party.

Huawei VR, in fact, is the first viewer to offer 360-degree audio content, thanks to appropriate digital content through the use of a pair of headphones.
The viewer offers a visual field of 95 ° (against the 96 ° of the Gear VR and the 110 ° of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift), and one latency of only 20 thousandths of a second.

As expected, Huawei VR can not be used with prescription glasses, but is equipped with adjustable lenses able to correct the myopia up to 7 degrees, and a blue light filter necessary for eye protection.

At the front, the VR consists of a front cover which, once removed, allows you to insert the smartphone. On the right side some buttons, together with a touch panel, allow, thanks to a special application, to control the applications in execution and manage the reproduction of multimedia contents.
We also find a connector USB type-C.

Availability and price

Huawei VR will be launched on the market in three configurations, designed to host respectively P9, P9 Plus e Mate 8.

At the time of launch, Huawei VR will offer more than 4.000 free movies (presumably only a fraction of these are VR videos) e more than 40 free games, along with over 350 panoramic images and 150 panoramic tours.

Huawei VR

There is no information on the price and marketing date of the product, but you shouldn't wait long for an official announcement from the company.

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