Xiaomi Roidmi, the review of the charger and FM Bluetooth transmitter

By now Xiaomi has accustomed us to gadgets and accessories of practically every kind and in every sector; after having seen water purifiers, smart shoes and activity trackers (among others, all at very competitive prices) today we analyze the Xiaomi Roidmi, a portable car charger with two USB inputs, as well as an FM transmitter via Bluetooth.

Yes, this time it may not seem true to many, but in fact the device is real and, moreover, it is sold at a figure of poco less than 10 € which makes it, practically, one of the best in this sector.

Xiaomi Roidmi

Xiaomi Roidmi is available on tinydeal at the price of 9.72 €.

Xiaomi Roidmi - Sales package

Xiaomi Roidmi

Very simple packaging this time for the accessory Xiaomi which is sold in a simple white package with the inscription "Roidmi"In the front. Inside, then, there is only one Roidmi with a small leaflet, written, however, totally in Chinese.

Xiaomi Roidmi - Construction and specifications

Xiaomi Roidmi

Surely what sets it apart from the multitude of other accessories in this category is above all the design; made of plastic and aluminum, lo Xiaomi Roidmi presents at the tip a virtually exclusive design, with a tip quite different from the classic views and analyzed in the past.

This particularity in the design, however, is counterproductive as it makes the device incompatible with many cars, so before buying it you must make sure that your cigarette lighter socket is like the one in the figure below.

Xiaomi Roidmi
Cars not currently supported: PEUGEOT 301 / PEUGEOT 2008, DS 3, TOYOTA Vois, Changan Mazda 2, Dongfeng Honda XR-V, RENAULT Captur, HONDA Odyssey / City / Vezel / Crider / Shuttle, CITROEN Elysee, and all NISSAN, SUBARU , KIA.

within the instruction manual also present in the packaging of the device some interesting technical information about Xiaomi Roidmi are reported.

  • Output: 2 x 5V / 2.1A (3.1A on each USB input with fast charging, when used individually); 5V at 3.1A, 2.1A and 1A (the output voltage is automatically set according to the device that is connected);
  • Input: 12V - 24V, 0 - 2.4A
  • Consumption: 15,5W
  • FM oscillation frequencies: 87.5 MHz up to 108.00 MHz
  • "Advanced" technical features: protection against short circuits, overvoltage, overcurrent and temperature increases
  • Compatibility: Android devices (4.0 and higher) with Bluetooth 4.0.

Xiaomi Roidmi - Operation

Xiaomi Roidmi

As already said, the Xiaomi Roidmi born initially as a portable travel charger that, among other things, in the practical tests conducted, is able to charge the battery of the devices also very quickly (for example, with the Xiaomi Mi 4S equipped with charging Quick Charge), the Roidmi manages to be as fast as the wall adapter supplied with the smartphone.

Logically, however, if you simultaneously connect two devices in charge, the amount of current is divided on the two smartphones and, therefore, the charging times are prolonged.

Il FM compartment, then, it turned out to be interesting because of the bluetooth connectivity, but slightly cumbersome due to the installation of a dedicated smartphone application.

The app, first of all, is compatible with both devices iOS and Android (here you can download the Italian version of the application translated by the community of MIUI.it which, originally, was born only in the Chinese language) and, once installed, all you have to do is associate the smartphone with the Roidmi means Bluetooth and set the same frequency FM both on your car's receiver and on your smartphone.

La sound quality it is average of all the accessories like this; there are times when the audio is clear and clean, while there are other times when the FM frequencies they are "busy" and the audio transmission collapses, without allowing us to hear absolutely nothing.

Xiaomi Roidmi - Photo Gallery

Xiaomi Roidmi - Final considerations

It must be said, however, that Xiaomi knows one more than the devil and even an accessory as simple as this one, has become much more than a "gadgets"Like many others, especially thanks to the presence of many protections during charging that can protect our smartphones while we travel and with the battery exhausted.

The quality of the audio is certainly debatable, but compared to an expenditure definitely greater for the complete replacement of the stereo system of your car, the Xiaomi Roidmi it can be a more than valid alternative (especially if one considers the potential of fast and protected recharge).

Xiaomi Roidmi it can be purchased, as mentioned above, on tinydeal at the price of 9.72 €.