Among the accessories that in the last period are proving more successful, surely there are the powerbank.

Accomplice the increasingly pushed hardware of the latest devices and sizes with increasingly thinner thickness, today's smartphones are often in crisis in covering a day of intense use.

From this point of view the powerbank, now available with various amperages, make up for the everyday problems of our smartphones.

Xiaomi: new 10.400 mAh powerbank tomorrow launch in India!

Xiaomi, a well-known Chinese company that makes smartphones and phone accessories, has recently presented its new one Powerbank da 10400 mAh of capacity.

The news we want to report to you is about the launch of the new one Xiaomi Powerbank 10400 mAh in one of the fastest growing markets such as the Indian one.

Xiaomi Powerbank 10400 mAh

The new generation of the powerbank Xiaomi improves considerably from the point of view of size, thanks to a substantial technical update. In fact, the integrated batteries have undergone a increase of 30% as for the density, compared to one decrease of 21.4% of total volume, making the powerbank extremely thin and comfortable to carry.

The company has chosen to use it as a supplier for internal batteries at the powerbank the Korean LG, producer of modules ad high density. The measures of the accessory are very limited in 91 x 60.4 x 22 mm thick.

The price at which the Xiaomi Powerbank 10400 mAh in India and of 107 yuan, about a quarter 14 euro at the current exchange rate. The same in Chinainstead, it is proposed to 69 yuan, about a quarter 9.44 € al current exchange rate for coloring silver e 79 yuan, about a quarter 10.81 € al current exchange rate For that gold e red.

What do you think of this new powerbank proposed by Xiaomi?