Xiaomi Mi 5 Prime, the review of GizChinaIT

Xiaomi mi 5 prime

When a company succeeds in building an excellent reputation over the years and a noteworthy following, it is palpable the expectation that lies behind every new release, especially if, as in this case, it is a top of the range.

After more than a year and a half after the launch of the previous one My 4, Xiaomi finally returns to the market with a flagship worthy of the name: lo Xiaomi Mi 5.

Given the expectations and the precedents, there are many expectations, both from users and from our side. Today we are preparing to analyze the Prime version, with 3 GB di RAM, 64 GB di internal memory and one Snapdragon 820 at full power.

Before starting, I would first like to thank TopResellerStore for sending the sample. But notice the delays, here is our review of the Xiaomi Mi 5!

Xiaomi mi 5 prime

Xiaomi Mi 5 Prime, the review of GizChinaIT

Xiaomi Mi 5 Prime - Unboxing

No surprises inside the device sales box, where we find:

  • Xiaomi Mi 5;
  • quick charger from 12 / 9 / 5 V and 2.5 / 2 / 1.5 A;
  • micro USB / Type-C cable;
  • pin for extracting the SIM trolley;
  • User Manual.

Xiaomi mi 5 prime

Xiaomi Mi 5 Prime - Design and construction quality

The work carried out on an aesthetic level by Xiaomi is undoubtedly appreciable.
With a design reminiscent of the previous Mi Note, this Mi 5 has a shell made entirely of glass and metal, with a double rear curvature that facilitates an already comfortable grip given the dimensions of 144.6 x 69.2 x 7.3 mm and a very low weight of only 129 grams.
However, the slipperiness of the back cover should be noted, not so much when you hold it, but especially when you go to place the device on a smooth surface, on which you can see the soap effect. The upside is that this is caused by the oleophobic treatment of the back, which does not retain much fingerprints.

Xiaomi mi 5 prime

On the left side the on / off button, while on the right side we have the trolley for the two SIM cards in Nano format. Superior we see the minijack input for the headphones, the infrared sensor and the microphone for noise suppression.
On the other hand, we have the entrance USB Type-C, the speaker grid and that of the main microphone.
On the back side there is the main camera with attached dual tone LED flash.

At the front we see another novelty, that is the central physical key, which also performs the function of fingerprint reader (up to 5 recordable fingerprints) with one really fast unlocking speed. In addition, there is an option through which, by touching the key, you can return directly to the Home screen, similar to the Meizu mBack key.
Next to it, we find the 2 backlit soft touch keys, for which you can set some functions for the single touch and for prolonged pressure.

Xiaomi mi 5 prime

Finally, at the top we find the front camera, the capsule, the proximity and brightness sensors, together with the RGB notification LED.

Xiaomi mi 5 prime

Xiaomi Mi 5 Prime - Display

The display of the Mi 5 is a unit from 5.15 inches with resolution Full HD e PPI 428 of density.
Despite being a panel of type IPS, the colors are very well reproduced and saturated to the right point, although it is possible to notice a chromatic variation when the phone is inclined excessively, especially for blacks.
However, in the settings it is possible to set some usage profiles, which can be modified.

Xiaomi mi 5 prime

The maximum brightness is very good thanks to a value of 600 nits, and under the sunlight we do not have major problems reading, also seen that the automatic sensor, in case of strong exposure, tends to saturate more colors, so as to facilitate viewing.
Excellent even the minimum brightness in low light situations, also facilitated by the mode Reading, with which we can go to decrease the blue component for less eye strain.

As on the back, even on the front glass we enjoy a excellent oleophobic treatment.
The touch screen is also excellent, which never misses a beat.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Prime - Hardware and performance

This variant of Xiaomi Mi 5, as many of you now know, differs from the Standard version as it Snapdragon 820 here, there is no weakening.
As a result we have a processor quad-core with 64 architecture bit ARMv8-A with Kryo cluster from 2.15 and 1.5 GHz.
The performances are a real top of the range, in any context there are no slowdowns and everything runs smoothly. Only during intense gaming phases can one notice the heating of the upper part on the back, but in an acceptable manner.

And just talking about this, the graphic part is entrusted to the GPU Adreno 530 from 624 MHz, which guarantees always impeccable gaming sessions even with the heaviest games, with a constantly high and constant frame rate with graphic details set to maximum.

Xiaomi mi 5 prime

Continuing, i 3 GB di RAM L dual channel from 1866 MHz present here stand out. Despite being a smaller quantity than other top of the range, thanks to an optimized management you can easily keep in memory 5 heavy games such as Asphalt 8, Real Racing 3, Dead Trigger 2, Modern Combat 5 and Dead Effect 2 without reloads, with a sudden transition between the various apps.
The only drawback (subjective) is the management of multitasking with horizontal cards, as I personally prefer vertical management.

View theabsence of expansion via micro SD, they are definitely comfortable i 64 GB of internal memory (of which 57.84 effective) which, being of type UFS 2.0, shows its speed both when installing games and in benchmarks.

In this regard, we refer to the in-depth focus benchmark that we have performed in recent days.

Obviously no problem in the use of browsers (either the default or Google Chrome) that in video playback, with support for 4K format.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Prime - Antutu Benchmark

Xiaomi Mi 5 Prime - Gaming test with Real Racing 3

Xiaomi Mi 5 Prime - Photo Collection

Another aspect on which Xiaomi wanted to focus is the photographic part.
A sensor is present on the rear Sony IMX298 da 16 mega-pixels, the same present on the Huawei Mate 8.
Going down specifically, we have a focal opening f / 2.0 with DTI (Deep Trench Isolation) technology for the management of light reflections.

Xiaomi mi 5 prime

In good light conditions the captured images are always qualitatively good, even if you notice small problems of exposure, which can be damaged by using the HDR mode, whose results are very good.
Camera software is also very fast, and type focusing is equally fast PDAF. The only significant flaw in this area is the zoom, which can certainly be improved in the next software update.
In the night time the quality drops, while remaining sufficiently good for social use. The type flash is felt dual tone, definitely powerful.

The front camera is from 4 mega-pixels, always with focal aperture f / 2.0, and also returns very good shots, even in low light.

Video recording can be performed in 4K or Full HD, in both cases a 30 fps. The yield is good, but, as for the photos, even here the zoom is to be reviewed.
One of the flagships of this Mi 5 is the optical stabilization at 4 axes, which is always very fluid and with few artifacts (albeit visible).
Possibility also to perform time-lapse e slow-motion to 120 fps (only in HD resolution). Absent the 60 and 240 fps modes.

Also in this case, for all the detailed details we suggest you to consult ours in-depth focus on the photographic sector.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Prime - 4K, Full HD and Slow-Motion recording tests

Xiaomi Mi 5 Prime - Audio

Still remaining in the multimedia sector, the sound part is one of the aspects that I definitely appreciated on this terminal.
Lo speaker, while not having a high volume, provides a sound sufficiently full-bodied. The low frequencies are present, a little at the expense of the high frequencies, which tend a little to be suffocated.
A whole other story during thelistening in headphones, really quality and from the almost exaggerated volume. In the default player there is the possibility of equalizing the sound, as well as some profiles that can be set according to the Xiaomi brand audio device that we are possibly using (I have tested everything using the always reliable Xiaomi Hybrid).

It might interest you: Xiaomi Hybrid Earphones, our review

Very good audio even during the call, and I especially enjoyed listening in speakerphone, which returns a very warm sound.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Prime - Connectivity

The Xiaomi Mi 5, while not offering the expansion via micro SD, has the support in dual SIM stand-by type with support to 4G, thanks to the LTE Cat.12 modem, and to the Volta.

Xiaomi mi 5 prime

Unlike what was initially assumed, there is no support for the 20 band. Performing tests with Wind and PosteMobile (which is connected to the Wind networks) I noticed how indoors at home, in the center of Turin, take only in 3G, when usually with other phones I can easily navigate in 4G. However, the situation improves positively when you move outdoors.

Given the presence of a Qualcomm chipset, we do not have any problems with Wi-Fi reception, accompanied by connectivity Bluetooth 4.2 and GPS, A-GPS and GLONASS for satellite navigation. Also noteworthy is the presence ofNFC, in addition to the aforementioned infrared sensor. Absent FM radio.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Prime - Software

On board the Mi 5 we find Android 6.0 Marshmallow accompanied by the classic interface MIUI, from a few days updated to the last version 7.2.6.
Unlike what was shown at the Mobile World Congress 2016, there is neither the Italian language nor Google services, which are however easily installed as usual.

Xiaomi mi 5 prime

Beyond this, the daily use is fluid and reactive, and no bugs or stumbling, a sign of a good optimization, without counting the hardware present under the body.

There are no major changes compared to the latest Xiaomi devices. The notification curtain is divided into 2 page, from which to manage the notifications and the quick toggles separately. Present the application Temi, with which you can change the phone graphics.

Of note the arrival, within a few days, well 2 update from almost 900 MB each, which brought the MIUI from the 7.2.4 version to the 7.2.6, a sign that the company is definitely working to optimize the various aspects of the phone.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Prime - Autonomy

Autonomy is guaranteed by a battery from 3000 mAh not removable.
We have carried out our usage tests, with mixed use between Wi-Fi and 4G, active Bluetooth and automatic brightness set to 50%. Here are the operations performed:

  • Video streaming under 3G (30 minutes): 3%
  • Video streaming under Wi-Fi (30 minutes): 2%
  • Asphalt 8 (30 minutes): 13%
  • Real Racing 3 (30 minutes): 12%
  • Facebook (1 hour): 3%
  • Local Full HD movie playback (1 hour and 30 minutes): 12%
  • Spotify (1 now): 3%
  • Full HD video recording (15 minutes): 6%
  • Browsing with Chrome (1 now): 7%
  • Voice calls (45 minutes): 6%
  • 2 email in push
  • WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Messenger always active

Thanks to the latest updates it would seem that the situation has definitely stabilized as regards the battery. With a stressful use we managed to reach around 7 hours of active display, considering Wi-Fi Always On half the time.

As for charging, thanks to the standard Quick Charge 3.0 present with the Snapdragon 820, here are the timing of one full recharge, for which it is necessary 1 15 hours and minutes:

  • 30 minutes: 0-50%
  • 25 minutes: 50-80%
  • 36 minutes: 80-100%

Xiaomi Mi 5 Prime - Conclusions

Given the enormous expectation created around this device, it is difficult to make a completely impartial judgment. Without a shadow of a doubt we are faced with a device from the performance of a real top of the range, with very few negative aspects.

Reading on the net is palpable the disappointment many users, not so much for the smartphone itself, as for all the problems related to the fact that we are not talking about a product intended for our market, so it is not a real flaw.
Another much discussed aspect is that linked to the price, but even here we return to my previous statement. Unfortunately it is not possible to have the same prices offered in the mother country, but it is also true that

  1. we are talking about a top of the range competitive in all respects;
  2. as soon as the situation stabilizes in Asia (given the huge amount of demand), prices will tend to be more stable.

Lo Xiaomi Mi 5 Prime It is available for purchase on the online store TopResellerStore at a price of 499 €, with Italy warranty da 24 months e shipment from Italy, therefore without duties. If, however, you are interested in the Standard version, you can find it at 449 €.