Xiaomi Mi 4S, the review of GizChinaIT

Xiaomi Mi 4s

When Xiaomi announced his Mi 5, lo Xiaomi Mi 4S it was slightly overshadowed, also because, in fact, in addition to the design, it brought with it very few technical innovations, since in its identity card, practically all the generalities of the Xiaomi Mi 4C.

In any case, this device, beyond the similarities, represents a good compromise of aesthetics and performance, but unfortunately the value for money, above all net of import costs, is not so convenient any more.

Xiaomi Mi 4S

Xiaomi Mi 4S is available on TopResellerStore with shipping from Italy and Italian 24 month warranty.

Xiaomi Mi 4S, the full review of GizChina.it

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Xiaomi Mi 4S - Sales package

Xiaomi Mi 4S

A few surprises in the sales package which, as usual, is virtually identical in every device launched by the company; inside, in fact, we find:

  • Xiaomi Mi 4S;
  • wall charger with Chinese plug, USB input and 5V-2A, 9V-1.2A, 12V-1A output;
  • USB cable - USB Type C;
  • instruction manuals fast in Chinese;
  • paper clip removing SIM.

Xiaomi Mi 4S - Design and materials

Xiaomi Mi 4S

Xiaomi Mi 4S it's a very device elegance; it is built entirely in glass ed aluminum along the side frame and, in the white color in our possession, it is aesthetically very pleasant. The assembly is very respectable and you can see how the Chinese company Xiaomi has really taken care of every single detail, which is why there are no defects in the construction phase.

I materials they are qualitatively good, although the rear glass, when you place the smartphone on a surface, gives a sort of soap effect that makes the device slide here and there. However, the ergonomics are good and the 5 inches are very well optimized.

The dimensions of the Xiaomi Mi 4S are equal to 139.26 x 70.7 x 7.8 mm for solo 133 grams of weight that, when you pick up the smartphone, show an exceptional lightness, which is difficult to find in other models (built with the same materials).

Next, instead, find the button layout and of the inputs on board the Xiaomi Mi 4S.

Xiaomi Mi 4S

Starting from the left side of the device we find the slot for the two SIM cards.

Xiaomi Mi 4S

On the right side we have the volume rocker and the power button, lock and power off.

Xiaomi Mi 4S

On the lower part there is the microphone, the speaker and the Type C connector.

Xiaomi Mi 4S

At the top, finally, there are the second microphone for noise reduction, the 3.5mm jack for headphones and an infrared port.

Xiaomi Mi 4S - Display

Xiaomi Mi 4S

Equipped with a panel 5 inches with resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel, of matrix IPS and pixel density of 441PPI, Xiaomi Mi 4S can boast of being in possession of a display that, on the whole, does nothing but give satisfaction.

Under the light of the sun you have a more than good visibility, with colors always well calibrated and never calibrated towards shades too cold or too hot (for the most fussy, however, the MIUI provides an advanced panel for changing display settings).

The sensor for automatic brightness adjustment works well, as well as the maximum brightness achieved by the panel that meets on every occasion; the viewing angles are good, even if they lose some points under the strong light of the sun, ensuring, however, an always good experience of use.

Xiaomi Mi 4S - Internal memory

On board the Xiaomi Mi 4S we find well 64GB of internal memory, which, excluding the system partition and the memory used by the default apps, become approx 58.18GB available to the user.

Moreover, the available storage can be expanded thanks to the micro SD slot present in the back cover of the device that allows you to reach up the 128GB of internal memory. It must be said, however, that the micro SD slot it is shared with the second one SIMs. which, to allow the use of a memory expansion card, must not be present (micro SD + SIM card or two SIM cards).

Xiaomi Mi 4S - Hardware and performance

As already mentioned at the beginning, the new home smartphone Xiaomi he could be seen as a twin almost homozygous of the Xiaomi Mi 4C, a device with which it shares most of the technical data sheet and from which it differs only on an aesthetic level.

In any case on the new one Xiaomi Mi 4S we have a processor available Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 (2 × 1.8GHz ARM Cortex-A57 + 4 × 1.44GHz ARM Cortex-A53), 3GB RAM memory LPPDR3 933MHz and one Adreno GPU 418.

At the component level, even if it is only a sprinkling of what has already been seen on We are 4C, the device turns out to be interesting and it also shows it practically in the field where the winner came out with his head held high in practically every test we have done.

Starting from Gaming with Asphalt 8 and titles like Modern Combat, the Xiaomi Mi 4S to obtain high-end performance, with graphic details maxima and framerate high and stable.

Moreover, when playing videos, it has no problems with i sample 4K and not even with those in Full HD; however, all that glitters is not gold, as the disappointing aspect is the temperatures that tend to rise when the smartphone is used in a stressful way.

Next, instead, find the results of the benchmarking carried out with the Xiaomi Mi 4S.

Xiaomi Mi 4S - Antutu Benchmark

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Xiaomi Mi 4S - Audio

Xiaomi Mi 4S

Posted in a strategy position, thespeaker of I 4S it was a great revelation in these intense days of testing; we used the device in different situations, in noisy and noisy environments, and the outcome that he has always provided us with exceptional.

Very high maximum output volume, excellent sound quality and impeccable equalization of mid, high and low frequencies. In music playback, moreover, the sound is clear and, if you are in possession of headphones Xiaomi, the audio in headphones enjoys dedicated optimisations that significantly increase the quality (tested with Xiaomi Hybrid).

Xiaomi Mi 4S - Camera

In practically almost all devices Xiaomi that we have also tested in the past, the photographic part has never been the flagship. The Xiaomi Mi 4S is in possession of a sensor from 13 mega-pixels and a Dual LED flash in the back, while the front room is from 5 mega-pixels.

In everyday use i Photos I am alone acceptable, slightly above the sufficiency but nothing more. In good light conditions the device gets along well, but unfortunately the shots are often noisy and poco defined. In night and with the flash, then, the photographs are full of noise, poco sharp but above all a lot pasty, result not up to a device that fits into this range.

However, however, the device can count on a very well developed photographic software, and more experienced users, with the necessary precautions, are able to obtain some slightly better results than the shots in automatic mode.

Xiaomi Mi 4S - FullHD 1080p video recording test

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Xiaomi Mi 4S - Software

Within the list of things that users would never want to meet in the smartphone they buy there is definitely the bootloader blocked, and Xiaomi, unfortunately has made this mistake (or this choice depending on the point of view).

At the software level the device is born with one MIUI in version 7.2 (based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop) with English and Chinese language on board, mediocre performance and optimization that, as usual, does not disappoint. What leaves a bitter taste in the mouth is the momentary absence of the Italian language and the presence of a lot of Chinese applications that, although manually removable, are a "more" at the time of the first start of the device.

In order to cope with this situation you need to unlock the bootloader of the device which, in practical terms, translates into about 30 days waiting for Xiaomi sift the request and provide users with the code (single use and associated with the smartphone that has requested) useful to unlock the device.

Xiaomi Mi 4S - Autonomy

The battery supplied with the device is a unit from 3260 mAh not removable that, in daily use, can guarantee mediocre performance and that vary a lot depending on the use made of the device.

Personally in the days of tests conducted I have never encountered difficulties to arrive in the evening (very good, in this regard, the usual energy-saving options in the software), albeit with a number of hours of active screen is not very high (always under the 4 hours). It must be said, however, that we have almost always used it in 4G and almost maximum brightness, so the result fits in a medium-high range.

Xiaomi Mi 4S - Photo Gallery

Xiaomi Mi 4S - Final considerations

Xiaomi Mi 4S it is certainly not a smartphone of its kind and Xiaomi, a bit like the more emblazoned "western" producers, is gradually creating more and more similar devices, especially in the sphere of particular functions and dedicated exclusively to some of the range's smartphones.

The latest smartphones from Xiaomi, in fact, they all seem to be very similar to each other with little news of poco aesthetic and constructive relief, with a MIUI 7 which, although always pleasant, well cared for and optimized, seems to be looking for innovative features that make it difficult to arrive.

And with the increase in prices of this type of devices, it will not be that perhaps Xiaomi are you putting your head a little bit, now that on the podium it is closer to the most important brands?

Xiaomi Mi 4S, however, it is confirmed as an excellent device, with some small imperfections (forced, unfortunately) at the software level due to the blocked bootloader, and a camera slightly subdued.

Xiaomi Mi 4S it can be purchased, as mentioned above, on TopResellerStore with shipping from Italy and Italian 24 month warranty.