Xiaomi announces its first electric rice cooker!

Xiaomi rice cooker evidence

We all know by now how Xiaomi is becoming more and more aall-round company. In fact, in addition to being famous for the production of smartphone, tablets e technological gadgets, is also well known for its expansion in various markets such as the smart bicycles, the wellness, tv and many others.

For a few days Xiaomi has announced that he wants to enter the world of gods too appliances with a new kind of electric rice cooker from the features smart.

Xiaomi rice cooker

Following a recent interview, the CEO Lei Jun said he was surprised that there is one poor production of quality rice cooker in China, thus favoring the purchase of the following product from Japanese competition.

Thus, it would seem that Xiaomi want to take a cue from the latter to make one smart rice cooker.

In fact, one will be installed in it induction heating technology which differs from all normal electric rice cookers. Then the cooking process will take place through theelectromagnetic induction which will allow the rice to be cooked uniformly thanks to the homogeneous diffusion of heat over the entire surface of the pot.

Xiaomi rice cooker

It will also be possible to connect the appliance to the WiFi, which will be able to to collect ed analyze le information entered and memorize the personalized settings of each user.

In case you were interested, Xiaomi will release the electric rice cooker il 29 March, but we still do not know what the price will be and what the additional technical specifications will be.

Surely in the coming days we will have more information about it since this product seems to be much anticipated on the product market "Smart Home". In any case we will keep you updated on any developments.

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