Ramos MOS3 will have a borderless display? [Teaser]

ramos mos3

In the past few days, the Asian manufacturer Ramos has released some renderings in which he showcases his next top of the range, the Ramos MOS3.

The smartphone stood out for a body made entirely metal, And a ultra-thin design, with a strong visual impact.

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Ramos MOS3 appears in a new teaser

After attracting attention to its new device, which is about to be launched on the market, the company has come back to talk about it through its account Weibo.

Il Ramos MOS3 appears in a very suggestive new teaser image, from which translation two main concepts stand out: "molto veloce"and "very big".

ramos mos3

The concept of speed could be related to the use of a more powerful processor and a memory cut RAM of at least 3 GB. Given also the company's previous attention to imaging, it could refer to the shutter speed of the cameras or, again, to other elements, such as the detection of the fingerprint sensor, and at the door USB Type-C.

The expression "very large", on the other hand, would be linked to two possible factors: the capacity of the battery and above all the generous  that could be endowed with resolution Full HD/2K with no side edges therefore borderless, since in the image there is no black border around it.

This hypothesis would be confirmed by the renderings seen so far, in which the smartphone shows a display report/really very high surface, and is lined with a glass 2.5D.

What do you think of this smartphone? Ramos will it have been too ambitious, or will it be able to amaze us?

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