Ozone Strike Pro: backlit gaming keyboard with macro support, our review!

Ozone strike pro

In today's review we're going to try a gaming keyboard for your desktop PC, we're talking about the Ozone Strike Pro, a backlit mechanical keyboard that, among many others feature, also carries support up to 30 macro and integrates even one USB connector additional combined with two jacks from 3.5 millimeters, one for headphones and one for the microphone, so as to simplify the wiring of headphones and mouse.

La Ozone Strike Pro It is available at a price of up 99,90 euro su Drako while a 90 € at the online shop Amazon.it, with 24 months warranty e shipping included in the price.

Ozone Strike Pro, backlit gaming keyboard with macro support, our review!

Ozone Strike Pro: sales package

The sales package is really a lot Coloured and well done; in the front we find a representation of the product and the main ones feature, while in the back we find one detailed explanation of the technologies adopted and the operation of the device.

Inside, in addition to the keyboard, there are four small spare rubber holders, since four more have already been applied to the keyboard, there is also a large user manual in English which explains all the features and operation of the device .

Finally, we also find a sticker and a small CD with keyboard drivers and software to manage macros and other additional options.

Ozone Strike Pro: technical specifications and features

What is immediately striking about this keyboard is the weight, which is around 1300 grams, a value that suggests how the mechanical part and the plastic body were made with high quality materials, in such a way as to return the best tactile feedback to the player.

Ozone Strike Pro

The device has dimensions of 44,1 x 13,6 x 3,5 centimeters, they are present well 104 backlit keys with white or red colors depending on the key and characterized by the mechanical system Mx Cherry interchangeable, which allows the user to change the type of sliding mechanism of the key according to their preferences by purchasing the appropriate spare parts. In fact, four different systems are available MX Cherry, all characterized by a different typology of the mechanical button pressure system.

The color of the backlighting is not settable by the user, it is expected to be simple White LED for all keys, except for the four WASD keys and four directional arrowsi, having red backlight. The brightness is adjustable on 3 different levels, while response times can be changed to your liking by choosing between 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 14 e 16 msmoreover, it is also possible to change the polling frequency (the control by the processor of the peripheral inputs), setting it to 125, 250, 500 o 1000 Hz.

Present i classic multimedia keys and well 6 programmable macro keys to your liking until you get it 30 different macros, saved directly on the internal memory from 64KBmoreover, it is also presents the classic game mode that goes disable the Windows key, in order to avoid accidental releases from the game. Finally, it is also possible to set some additional options related to the specific software through the provided software quick shortcuts. To signal the presence of a HUB integrated in the right rear part, where we find a USB port, and the two connectors jack from 3.5 millimeters respectively for the headphones and microphone.

Ozone Strike Pro: construction and design

The plastics adopted are of a high standard, given the weight of the product and the feedback returned, also, the stroke of the keys is really fluid and constant to the end, a sign that the mechanics adopted does a good job.

The keys are completely dismountable, so as to allow the user to change the system MX Cherry. Disassembling the keys is possible notice the LED is preferably used for backlight, that manages to diffuse the light in a fairly uniform way throughout the internal structure of the key. The brightness level is more than adequate, especially using the keyboard in environments with one low ambient brightness, however, even in the presence of strong light sources backlight however, it is clearly visible, even if in a significantly more contained way.

Ozone Strike Pro

The front of the keyboard is characterized by classic QWERTY layout from the desktop keyboard, and also provides a convenient supports wrists at the bottom and the possibility of tilt the keyboard through the appropriate feet placed in the back lower part.

As on all desktop keyboards, we also find the numeric keypad and the classic keys multifunctional Windows, useful, for example, for adjust the volume, stop / start la music reproduction, or put the PC in stand-by mode.

On the left and right side profile we do not find written, while on the rear one there is - on the right - an additional USB port and i two connectors jack from 3.5 millimeters for the headphones and microphone. Well present, however, the logo "Ozone"and "Strike Pro“, Which we find on the space bar, in the right rear part and also on other keys and points of the body.

Good also the realization of the connecting cable, covered with a woven color braided fabric I was in its entirety.

Overall, the high constructive quality combined with a classic but slightly revised design, in such a way as to make the device more endearing, make this product an excellent solution also from an aesthetic point of view, which will certainly be pleasing to the eye, especially when combined with a PC from bright gaming e colored on the false line of the keyboard.

Ozone Strike Pro: software

As happens with all gaming peripherals, also the Ozone Strike Pro boasts its own software for managing macros and macros main features of the device. The software package can be found online on the manufacturer's website or via the CD supplied in bundle and, in addition to the drivers, it also includes a real tool in which we can go to set the macros and some parameters related to backlight brightness, allpolling interval and to system shortcuts, in addition to other additional options.

Simple and intuitive use, similar to that of other gaming peripherals; excellent, however, the ability to import the macro already created on other devices or saved, certainly an option to gamer.

Ozone Strike Pro: conclusions

La Ozone Strike Pro it turned out to be an excellent solution, especially for i gamer more demanding that they do not want to give up the possibility of change the sliding mechanics of the keys - short, long, etc - and the possibility of setting your own macro favorite. Very good construction and also design, as well as the backlight and feature offers, which make the really valid device.

La Ozone Strike Pro It is available at a price of up 99,90 su Drako while a 90 € at the online shop Amazon.it, with 24 months warranty e shipping included in the price.