The wearable sector is, perhaps, the most growing in recent times and all producers, the best known, the emerging ones and, obviously, also the Chinese, try to offer a product that stands out for certain characteristics or peculiarities.

No.1 G3, within the panorama of smartwatches, it certainly does not excel in terms of originality, as its design is clearly inspired by another well-known home wearable Samsung. Neglecting momentarily the analysis of the external appearance, the device contains many dedicated features, such as the presence of a SIM slot, but without anticipating anything else let's discover together in our full review.

No.1 G3, the review of

No.1 G3

No.1 G3 - Technical Sheet

  • CPU MediaTek MTK 2502;
  • 64 MB of RAM memory;
  • 128 MB of internal memory;
  • micro-SD up to 16 GB;
  • display Circular from 1.3 in. IPS with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels;
  • battery from 350 mAh;
  • dimensions of 51 x 43 x 13 mm;
  • weight of 50 grams;
  • compatibility with iOS and Android.

No.1 G3 - Packaging

No.1 G3

Typical white hardcover of the manufacturer with the logo of the brand on top and a list of technical specifications on the side No.1 G3.

No.1 G3

The presentation is very similar to that of a common smartwatch. Inside we find:

  • No.1 G3;
  • cable with magnetic connector - micro USB;
  • Quick use manuals.

No.1 G3

Equipment, therefore, standard for No.1 G3, which includes everything necessary for the use of the smartwatch.

No.1 G3 - Design

A wearable, especially a smartwatch, must be easily confused with a commonly used accessory. As far as the form factor is concerned, in fact, we find a circular type design, the materials used, which we will analyze later, of plastic type, surely make the smartwatch comparable to a watch designed for a young and sporty audience.

No.1 G3

On the front we have the circular display from 1.3 inch IPS, on which a protective film is applied by the manufacturer, which surprised us positively as it retains fingerprints very little and is very easy to clean.

The case is made entirely of plastic, well made, with the upper part of silver-like aluminum and the lower part of white. On the No.1 G3 there are two keys on the right side, where the lower screen with active screen allows you to return directly to the time display, while the upper button acts as a back button, allowing you to return to the main menu within the sub-menus.

Despite the No.1 G3 it is not made with materials "Nobles" the same is well assembled and the painting of the chromed upper part is free of imperfections. In addition, the two side buttons also have an excellent stroke and are stable in their seat. On the bottom of the smartwatch there is also the compartment which, if removed, allows the insertion of the micro SIM and micro SD.

The strap is made of plastic material, not particularly pleasant to the touch and rather "cheap". On the bottom of the No.1 G3moreover, there is the heartbeat sensor and the contacts to position the magnetic connector for the recharge of the integrated battery.

No.1 G3

Overall, the wearable is pleasing to the eye and it is easy to exchange it for a common watch, only by awakening the display you realize its technological soul.

No.1 G3 - Display

Excellent brightness. The display of No.1 G3 is an IPS LCD unit with a diameter of 1.3 inches and, of course, a touch panel. During daily use, the touchscreen is always fluid and free from jamming, which makes the use of the device really pleasant. Of course, as with all smartwatches, it is a subjective matter of the fact that if you have thin fingers, it is certainly easier to navigate through the various menus and sub-menus.

No.1 G3

The visibility of the display of No.1 G3 it is discreet in direct sunlight, without even the need to push the level to the maximum. The viewing angles, even these, turn out to be good, too bad for the definition of the display as the pixels can be seen quite easily.

No.1 G3 - Software

No.1 G3 is able to combine two software platforms in a single wearable, iOS e Android, at a very low price. On the No.1 G3 we can perform all the usual operations without always switching between smartphones and wearables.

No.1 G3

We can cover our daily progress, start a physical activity session, monitor sleep, or even control our body temperature etc.

Also appreciable is the functionality that allows you to make a call from the SIM present in the smartphone and subsequently transfer the call to the smartphone. It is also possible to view the history of calls made from a smartphone or from the SIM No.1 G3.

No.1 G3

There is also an application to monitor the heartbeat, a pedometer, remote shooting or the management of music playback from the associated smartphone. Unfortunately, the usual operations, such as physical activity and sleep monitors, will have to be activated manually, an aspect that penalizes the general experience with the device.

We report that the accuracy in the detection of steps and sleep is not the best with a fairly clear deviation from the real data.

No.1 G3

For the management functions, such as pairing to the smartphone and monitoring functions, we find an application, which can be downloaded via the QR Code on the display of the smartwatch itself, called Fundo Wear.

No.1 G3

We can thus manage the applications from which we want to receive notifications and the activation / deactivation of the alert function outside the range of action of the device. Unfortunately the application is not very complete and in part difficult to manage due to a translation into the Italian language which is not very correct.

No shortage of flaws in the management of notifications, such as with Whatsapp, if they are single, they are fully visible without having to check them on our smartphone; on the contrary, when they are more than a few close it is displayed only the number but for reading we must necessarily check them on the display of our smartphone.

Moreover, as regards the writing of a text message, from the clock face, the limit lies precisely in the size of the screen without a keyboard designed ad hoc and without the possibility of voice dictation.

No.1 G3 - Calls and Speaker

As you could see, in the technical sheet of the No.1 G3, the smartwatch is equipped with a slot for inserting a SIM card in microphone which makes the device completely independent of any smartphone connected in bluetooth.

No.1 G3

Removing the bottom plastic panel gives access to the non-removable battery which can be moved to gain access to SIM slot and to the one dedicated tomemory expansion.

Although it is therefore possible to insert the SIM card even when the smartwatch is switched on, the connection to the mobile network will be made only by switching it off and on again. Upon restart, the signal was immediately available, stable and without oscillations of any kind, moreover, in the call test the connection to the selected user was very fast.

No.1 G3

The loudspeaker audio reproduces rather faithfully the voice of our interlocutor with a maximum volume which, if in conditions of low background noise does not create any problems, it may not be sufficient if we find ourselves walking in city traffic or in similar situations where a higher volume of the speaker of the smartwatch would certainly have been desirable.

Finally, not entirely positive note regards the fact that our interlocutor told us that the voice was not faithful to our real timbre.

No.1 G3 - Autonomy

The battery of No.1 G3 is a drive from Mah 350. Despite being slightly above the average of other devices, autonomy leaves no way out for surprises.

With fully charged battery and with the smartwatch almost always connected in bluetooth to our smartphone, with an average use, you can not reach more than 2 days of autonomy.

It is necessary to specify that any minor or greater autonomy, compared to what we have found, is strictly linked to the number of notifications received during the day.

Regarding, however, the charging times these turn out to be not exactly among the fastest, in fact, it took us about 2 hours to fully recharge our smartwatch. What we also feel to evaluate not positively is the magnetic attachment for charging, absolutely poco stable which, if touched even slightly, releases easily.

No.1 G3

There is also a bug regarding the indication of full battery charge, whose icon in the menu where all the various applications are present is completely colored green while in the drop-down menu for quick settings it reaches a maximum of three quarters.

No.1 G3 - Conclusions

Overall No.1 G3 we liked, despite the limits that we have highlighted in our review, certainly we hope that the manufacturer can intervene on some highlighted issues that would make this interesting smartwatch even more attractive.

The ability to run on multiple platforms and to keep their progress always available, including changing smartphones between Android and iOS, is a plus to keep in mind.

If the manufacturer is able to remedy the veins of youth software, thanks to its quality / price ratio, No.1 G3 will succeed in obtaining a front row seat in the wearable sector.

Il No.1 G3 can be purchased on at the price of 52.53 € and available in black, gold with gray strap and silver with white strap.

More information on all the other products made by No.1 can be found on the official website of the company.