Meizu HD50, the review of the GizChinaIT on-ear headphones

Meizu HD50

The Chinese company Meizu it is by now one of the most popular brands in our country; after being a protagonist during our experience at MWC 2016 in Barcelona, we had the opportunity to thoroughly test the company's new headphones, the Meizu HD50.

Belonging to the category of "on-ear" headphones, the HD50 they stand out and can be seen right away as well as for the extreme elegance and refinement with which they are made, even for the decidedly competitive price compared to the other products currently on the market.

Meizu HD50

Le Meizu HD50 can be purchased from the official Italian dealer Meizumart at the cost of 69,90 € with shipping fromItaly.

Meizu HD50, the full review of

Meizu HD50 - Sales package

Meizu HD50

The huge attention to detail by Meizu you can see it starting from sales package, which appears to be carried out in a masterly manner. Inside the main cardboard box we find a fabric bag as seen in the picture, in which are present:

  • Meizu HD50;
  • AUX cable with volume control controller, Play / Pause button and microphone;
  • reducer from 3.5mm and another accessory.

Meizu HD50 - Design and construction quality

Meizu HD50

Le Meizu HD50 they are of the on-ear headphones characterized by a superlative design and above all by materials of realization that, practically, have no rivals in the sector considering the price at which they are sold.

Made of aluminum and genuine leather, the HD50 they are in possession of an adjustable head in different sizes, thanks to which a fast adaptation to different types of users will be possible.

In any case, the convenience of use is good, although the pavilions can not cover the ears in full; an unfortunate lack, in this regard, is the absence of spare pavilions, which is instead present in the Xiaomi Mi Headphones, already reviewed in the past.

Meizu HD50However, although the ears are not completely covered, the isolation from the outside is very good and this gives greater depth to the sound as well as better sound "immersion".

La skin used is of ottima qualità; It is interesting to note the various details in the realization of the product, starting from the logo Meizu in the upper part of the bow, up to the stitching on the leather in the side parts, synonymous with great attention and attention to detail.

Meizu HD50

Le Meizu HD50moreover, as it will certainly be already understood, they do not fall into the category of wireless headphones, but rather Wired; on the left side, in fact, there is the 3.5mm jack which, thanks to the supplied cable, allows us to connect the headphones to the smartphone or any other audio source.

Regarding the solidity of the cable, however, we can not say that it follows the build quality of the headphones; the cable, in fact, is made of plastic with the inserts (near the two jacks and the controller) in like aluminum slightly more resistant. Moreover, the cable does not seem to be of excellent quality, but in the different weeks of use and in the transfer to MWC 2016 he never created us any problems.

Meizu HD50 - Technical data

Meizu HD50 Specifications

The technical specifications of the Meizu HD50 place the headphones in the band Medium-High of the market, even if the price stands at lower levels than most of the other products in the category.

Here are the complete specifications of the Meizu HD50:

  • Impedance: 32Ω;
  • sensitivity: 103dB;
  • frequency response: 20 - 20.000 Hz;
  • cable length: 1.2 m;
  • jack: 3.5 mm + adapter from 6.3 mm;
  • weight: 228 grams;
  • microphone sensitivity: -42 ± 3dB

Meizu HD50 - Audio performance

Meizu HD50

The most important aspect is undoubtedly that related to the sound quality; after reading the technical data sheet of the headphones the premises were definitely more than good and even the practical feedback, indeed, was pleasantly surprising.

Le Meizu HD50 during use they return a enjoyable sound, clean e clear; however, the volume is not particularly high, resulting poco different in this respect from normal in-ear headphones.

In any case we have analyzed the audio results of the headphones Meizu on different devices, each of which has returned in detail very different results. Listening to the computer headphones with a dedicated sound card we noticed some amazing performances; the volume is very high and, thanks to the equalization of the sound card, you can make up for all the slight deficiencies in the sound of the HD50.

The result on medium-high range smartphones is instead slightly different; the volume is slightly lower and the reproduced frequency range is decidedly neutral, with bass poco deep and medium-high frequencies poco sharp.

Meizu HD50 - Photo Gallery

Meizu HD50 - Final considerations

Without doubt the strong point of the Meizu HD50 it is undoubtedly the aesthetic and constructive aspect, given that they are among the few on-ear in this price range to be built with quality materials and to offer a sound that, on the whole, is not so bad.

Certainly, however, it is not the type of headphones that would be recommended to an expert audiophile because the small gaps that afflict these headphones, would immediately appear in the ear of a more "careful" user.

In any case, the Meizu HD50 they are definitely a product to be taken into consideration keeping in mind the quality / price ratio that characterizes them. If you were interested in buying them, on Meizumart they are available at 69,90 € with shipping fromItaly.