[Guide] Install TWRP 3.0 and root permissions on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro | MIUI Italy


If you bought the recent one Redmire Xiaomi Note Pro 3 and you want to exploit its full potential by obtaining root permissions, with our practical guide, on our forum GizChiniani.it, now you can get them!

Before installing TWRP 3.0 and of root permissions we recommend you pay close attention, as incorrect installation or improper use of the procedure could be very damaging to your smartphone.

Furthermore, it is a duty to remember that the staff of GizChina.it assumes no responsibility for any damage to your device due to the installation of TWRP 3.0 and root permissions.


Before starting, we would like to spend a few words on what they are root permissions and custom recovery TWRP.
The term root refers, improperly, to the possibility of being able to obtain high-level permits on the whole operating system, so that the user becomes completelyadministrator (superuser). The main advantage of root privileges is to be able to create, edit and delete the contents of all folders of the operating system, otherwise inaccessible in the basic configurations. The root procedure is completely legal, but in many cases invalidates the warranty of the device.


Instead, the TWRP 3.0 it's about a custom recovery, that is, one how to start the device, independent of the main operating system, which allows you to restore, install or delete system data. In particular, the TWRP (acronym for Team Win Recovery Project), compared to the default stock recovery, has intuitive menus and it is possible to navigate through the touch display.


Having said that, we can immediately move on to the actual guide to installing TWRP 3.0 and root permissions. These mods were made possible thanks to the developers Kenzo e Chainfire.

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