Elephone W2, the review of the GizChinaIT class smartwatch

During the days of testing with this product, many were attracted by its beauty and design particularly sought after, even more so when they discovered its "smart" side. Without turning around too much, let's talk aboutElephone W2, a smartwatch that contains a smart heart inside the case of a classic wristwatch.

Mechanical hands real, Swiss mechanism and genuine leather strap are the most prominent aspects in the W2 Elephone. Are you ready to find out with us?

Elephone W2

Elephone W2 is available on GearBest at a price of approx 45 euro.

Elephone W2, the complete review of GizChina.it

Elephone W2 - Sales package

Elephone W2

within the sales box rather bulky of the Elephone W2 we find:

  • Elephone W2;
  • strap to be mounted on the dial;
  • screwdriver for removing the back cover;
  • two spare CR2032 buffer batteries;
  • Quick instruction manuals in English / Chinese.

Elephone W2 - Design and construction

Elephone W2

If we did not tell you that Elephone W2 contains a smart heart, as well as a mechanism that can connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth and to communicate data such as counting steps, calories burned and kilometers traveled, you will practically think that the watch in question belongs to a very different category from the one in which it actually fits.

Available in colors silver e gold (what you see in our photos), the chest of Elephone W2 It is made of aluminum very resistant and well worked, just like it happens in the most typical watches. The clock face, then, presents classic hands with a rather precise Swiss mechanism that moves the hands (note the absence of the one that counts the seconds).

In the quadrant, moreover, it is the case to highlight beyond the company logo in the upper part, also of the LED color green e blu that indicate, the first is the state of ignition of the device, while the latter (which are well 10 and placed in the lower part) indicate the achievement of the target daily target (within the count of steps).

Elephone W2

Elephone W2 - Connection to the application

As already anticipated theElephone W2 it connects to smartphones and then displays all the data it has collected; first of all, the application is only available on Android and you can download it by framing the QR code present in the instruction manual.

Once installed, press the power button for three seconds to allow the device to be detected and associated; after which, from now on, on the smartphone screen as you can see in the figure above, you can keep under control everything that the smartwatch has collected, starting from passivated up to kilometers traveled and to burned calories (all is calculated based on our height, weight and date of birth, all data entered during start-up and application configuration).

It must be said, however, that compared to Mi Band 1S the calculation of the steps is slightly underestimated which is why the reliability of Elephone W2 in tracking physical activity is slightly subdued.

Furthermore, among the smart functions of the device, it is worth mentioning the possibility of receiving notifications regarding incoming calls (with a Bluetooth connection not always effectively stable, which causes the resulting loss of signal and the failure to report notifications) as well as the remote shutter function using the button on the smartwatch. This feature is only enabled with the Elephone camera application already mentioned above, while it is not compatible with standard photo apps.

Elephone W2 - Autonomy

Elephone W2

Il W2 is equipped with a buffer battery classic (one CR2032) and among other things in the package we find two substitutes over the third already present in the smartwatch; battery life is estimated to about 3 months of use, considering active all the smart functions for which it was born.

Dismantling the watch, then, we noticed that the mechanism that makes the hands work is another and is powered by much smaller batteries but that, in practice, are much more long-lived than that used by the "smart heart" of the 'Elephone W2.

Elephone W2 - Photo Gallery

Elephone W2 - Final considerations

In these days of use, the smartwatch has proved to be an excellent companion for adventures, given its extremely pleasant design and very smart functions. poco invasive.

It must be said that, in fact, the smart features are not many but above all we do not have a display that shows us, without using the smartphone, the count of all the data of the day, but in his defense Elephone W2 he can affirm with his head high to be an excellent alternative to other activity trackers, thanks in particular to the decidedly sought after design as well as an exceptional quality / price ratio.

Elephone W2 is available on GearBest at a price of approx 45 euro.