Chipolo, the GizChinaIT review of the Bluetooth tracker


It often happens to forget the keys somewhere and not to remember where we left them, just as often happens, to the most careless, to forget where the smartphone was left.

Born for this band of "inattentive" users Chipolo, a gadget probably from nerd, which we discover today in our complete review.


Chipolo is available on Amazon as well as on the official website of the producer (at a price, among other things, even higher than Amazon itself).

Chipolo, the complete review of

Chipolo - What is it and how does it work?


Chipolo it is an accessory poco larger than a 2 € and is born as a key ring, as well as Bluetooth tracker. The main objective of Chipolo is to warn us when we are forgetting the keys at home, for example, because the device is connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone and, when the connection is lost, Chipolo it starts ringing like an alarm, to warn us that we are forgetting something.

Chipolomoreover, it is born not only for this function; according to the company, in fact, it is also possible to tie it on the leash of the dog which, in case of loss, can be located in the last known memorized position through the smartphone and its GPS (the function, however, turns out to be somewhat useless because, being Chipolo not provided GPS just, it will not allow you to actually find the dog or even the lost keys, if not with various accidental attempts).

Chipolo, moreover, it is equipped with a classic battery whose autonomy is about 6 months, after which it can be replaced by easily opening the device with a pointed object; the package also includes a secondary battery that, for knowledge, is a simple one CR2025, to be clear that of some common clocks.

Chipolo - Interaction with the smartphone

Chipolomoreover, it is able to interact with your smartphone that it is a device Android, iOS or, surprisingly, too Windows Phone. Once the application has been installed (whose name is the same as the product), the accessory can be configured, and the procedure is essential for the correct operation of the same.

After establishing a connection via Bluetooth, from the application you can associate the various functions to Chipolo and moreover it can be made to ring when, perhaps, we have lost sight of the keys or the object to which we have combined it.

Also from the application, moreover, you can take selfie remotely by simply shaking the sensor with your hand.

Among other things, you can control the Chipolo with two smartphones at the same time, provided you are logged in with a single account, as Chipolo can be associated with only one user / profile at a time.

In the application, then, you can also set the "Quiet Zones"Or the places where the Chipolo it will not issue notifications and, based on the position reported by the smartphone via GPS, the accessory can "understand" if we are at home or maybe away for work (logically, after associating each single place on the application).

Chipolo - Final considerations

Chipolo, although it may be an interesting gadget, still remains of dubious utility; the idea itself deserves, but in everyday use such a gadget should do nothing but simplify certain actions, but Chipolo it does nothing more than make more cumbersome actions that, in reality, are simpler than one might think.

With a little 'habit the accessory, in greater number of specimens associated with the relevant app, it could be comfortable and certainly more useful.Chipolo Amazon

The device has a cost of approx €25 to the public and is available in different colors, starting from green up to the yellow, red, blue, black and so on. We refer to the official website of the product.