[Guide] Management of Redmi Notes 3 with Mi PC Suite

We PC Suite

A few days from the release of the Mi PC Suite in English version, here is a guide for owners of the Xiaomi Note 3 Redmire relating to the management of firmware upgrade and restore based on the use of this tool. The tutorial is valid for both the variant with Snapdragon 650 (Redmi Notes 3 Pro) than for the standard one with Mediatek Helio X10.

Before proceeding we recommend you to pay close attention to the steps of the guide, as the improper use of the procedure could be very harmful to your device. We must also remember that the staff of GizChina.it assumes no responsibility for any damage due to incorrect use of the Mi PC Suite software or the tutorial.

We PC Suite

For the neophytes we would like to clarify the meaning of some terms, such as flash ed unbrick, which are recurrent in the field of modding. The term flash, for example, indicates the procedure of installation of a ROM, while unbrick indicates the procedure for restoring a "bricked" device. This last word is associated with smartphones that are completely unusable (from the English brick which translates into Italian as “brick”).

Having said that we can refer you to the actual guide, available on our forum,  flash / unbrick of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 through the tool We PC Suite. We also invite you to participate in numerous discussions, where you can receive updates and give advice to other users of our forum.

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