UMI Rome X, the review of GizChinaIT

UMI Rome X

Increasingly crowded is the range of devices with a price above under the euro 100, both for the will of users not to spend much on a smartphone, and because the performance of devices belonging to the category are sufficient for daily operations.

Today we talk about UMI Rome X, the "inferior" variant of theUMI Rome which we saw a few days ago and which is characterized by a price of about 50 euros on the Chinese market; but is it worth buying? Find out all the details in our full review.


UMI Rome X is available on MyEfox with a small exclusive discount code "GIZROMEX"of 3 € to be included in the purchase phase.

UMI Rome X, the complete review of

UMI Rome X - Sales package


In the small and compact sales package of the UMI Rome X we find:

  • UMI Rome X;
  • European wall power supply with USB input and 1A output;
  • USB cable - micro USB.

In addition, depending on the store where you buy the device, you can also bundled a protective film in tempered glass and a hard plastic cover.

UMI Rome X - Design and materials


UMI Rome X is a very elegant and particular device, characterized by a back with curved edges on both sides, just as seen on devices of the caliber of Samsung Galaxy Edge S6; the building materials, however, are not noble, but rather of rather low quality, demonstrating the fact that the device is a super low-cost in its sector.

The dimensions of UMI Rome X are equal to 153.8 x 77 x 7.9 mm for 177 grams; the device, despite the screen from 5.5 inches, you can hold in your hands very simply, especially the complications in the two curves in the back of the device.

The prevailing construction materials are the plastic in the back cover and a frame in aluminum of low quality. The constructive aspect was treated in a very bad way: the device is full of assembly defects, the side buttons for volume and ignition are not well stuck in their housing and the edges of the device are slightly sharp, symptom of little care in details.

In addition, the system microphone has been integrated into the front and this makes the whole design somewhat unsightly which, on the whole, turned out to be quite pleasant.

Next, instead, find the arrangement of the buttons and inputs on UMI Rome X.


Starting from the lower profile we find the double grid dedicated to the speaker (the sound comes from the right side, while the left grid is only ornamental) and the micro USB connector.


On the right side, on the other hand, the buttons for adjusting the volume and the on / off and off key are integrated. The left side, on the other hand, is completely clean.


On the top there is only the 3.5 mm jack for headphones.


Moving on the front, however, we have the three soft touch touch buttons not backlit and that do not even return vibration feedback, in addition to the main microphone.


On the upper front, however, is integrated the camera and the related flash, the capsule and sensors for automatic brightness adjustment.

UMI Rome X - Display


Starting from the technical data, on the UMI Rome X we find a display from 5.5 inches with resolution HD 1280 x 720 pixel; the panel used is of matrix AMOLED with pixel density equal to 267PPI, certainly not very high for a screen with this diagonal.

In itself, therefore, the technical data are not very encouraging and, as if that were not enough, the display seems to be affected by a sort of "ghosting" effect that, to be clear, is a problem that causes a split of the contents displayed on the screen : while in the foreground we see the image of the app we are using, in the background the previous image will remain visible, as if the pixels used by the previous application had remained lit.

The quality of the panel, then, is not great; the viewing angles are not very wide and the maximum brightness of the display in the sunlight does not allow you to use the smartphone without problems given the numerous reflections that are created.

The 2 touchscreen points, then, is the most annoying aspect; the display, in fact, is characterized by a lack of precision in acquiring touches on the screen which, moreover, proves to be slow, and this results in the impossibility of writing quickly with the device.

Umi Rome X - Internal memory

On board the UMI Rome X we find 8 GB of internal memory, which, excluding the system partition and the memory useful for the default apps, become about 5 GB available to the user.

However, on the device it will be possible to expand the memory via micro SD card up to a maximum of 32 GB, without sacrificing any SIM card given the presence of three slots, two for the SIM and one for the micro SD.

Umi Rome X - Hardware and performance

UMI Rome X belongs to the ultra-low-end market, also because it is very difficult to find devices that, new, are sold to figures like the one to which this device is sold; the reason why the costs are low, in addition to the quality of construction, are related to the technical data that certainly is not first class.

In fact, on the UMI Rome X, we find an old generation SoC, specifically the MediaTek MT6580 quad-core from 1.3GHz, and 1 only GB of RAM memory LPDDR3 that goes alongside the Mali GPU 400.

If in itself the data sheet is poco encouraging, the performances clearly confirm this theory: the UMI Rome X is undoubtedly a low-end device and, as it should be, has its obvious defects due also and above all to the reduced selling price, but often difficulties are encountered during use.

Gaming is snappy; Asphalt 8 is played with a decidedly low and non-constant framerate, and the videos played do yes to Full HD, but with a low number of fps that does not guarantee optimal use of content.

Furthermore, in web browsing we are on very low levels; the processing of the pages is often very slow and in our tests also use Google Chrome did not improve the situation at all.

Following also, found the benchmarking performed on the UCI Rome X.

UMI Rome X - Antutu Benchmark

UMI Rome X - Audio


UMI Rome X apparently seems to be in possession of one speaker stereo, although in reality the grid that you see on the left has only ornamental purpose, while the speaker is on the right side.

La quality of the audio output is low; the volume is not very high and a "glimmer of salvation" can be glimpsed only for the position in which the speaker is placed. The audio, in fact, is equalized in a very bad way and the volume is not satisfactory in the different situations in which we have tested it.

UMI Rome X - Camera

The camera that UMI Rome X is equipped with is a unit from 8 mega-pixels with a sensor Sony IMX179 Exmor able to capture quality photographs slightly above sufficiency, provided however that there is really a lot of light to illuminate the whole scenario to be photographed.

In fact, in the light of the sun, the camera works discreetly and makes shots that, if not zoomed in, are also quite good; on the other hand, the photographic quality of the front camera is different 2 mega-pixels with sensor GalaxyCore GC2355, which, both in good and low light conditions, can not give satisfactory photographs.

Furthermore, the rear flash ensures good lighting only when the photographed subject is in the foreground, otherwise very bad at night; the front flash, however, is as if it were not present, given the low light it is able to produce.

In the video recording we encountered difficulties that prevent us from doing the usual video test; the error shown when the recording is started is what you see in the screen below.


UMI Rome X - Software

At software level, UMI Rome X presents a ROM stock of Android Lollipop 5.1 without any kind of customization by the Chinese company.

The applications pre-installed on the device are very few and reduced to the essentials, probably due to the limited amount of internal memory available to the user. The only additional options available on the device are those related to the intelligent awakening of the device through gesture, now an obligatory option in almost all MTK devices.

UMI Rome X - Autonomy

The UMI Rome X battery was probably one of the most disappointing aspects in the whole smartphone; in fact, the device is equipped with a (removable) battery from 2500 mAh, certainly not many, but the right amperage for a device with a technical card like the one in question.

UMI Rome X in daily use proved to be disappointing, with a bad battery calibration that remains at 100% for many hours (as can be seen from the graph), and then drops to peak in the following hours; the final result obtained does not exceed 2 hours and forty-five minutes of active screen in our test days, which is really reductive for a smartphone that, although low-end, is sold in 2016.

UMI Rome X - Photo Gallery

UMI Rome X - Final considerations

Keeping in mind the selling price of the device at the base of all our reasoning and judgment, UMI Rome X, despite the dozens of defects and problems that afflict it, could still be a potential device to be taken into consideration when needed. to find a forklift in which to invest very little money.

In the past, however, we told you about it Doogee X5 which, with a very similar technical data sheet, is able to use every day not to make you as impatient as UMI Rome X.

L'UMI Rome X, as already mentioned, can be purchased on MyEfox with a small exclusive discount code "GIZROMEX"of 3 € to be included in the purchase phase.