Razer announces its new "notebook" to 8 euro!


Razer, the cinoamerican tech company founded by Min-Liang Tan e Robert Krakow Matthew Thompson, has spread on the net the images and details related to his new "notebook", in the most literal sense of the term, inspired by the Razer Blade Stealth.

In detail, this is a ironic notebook which reproduces the features of the latest gaming ultrabook characterized by an external graphics card Razer.

Razer announces its new "notebook" to 8 euro!

Chinese sources reveal that the notebook will be launched on the market at the cost of 66 yuan, that is to say about 8 € at the current exchange rate. Maybe a little high cost for a simple notebook, but acceptable if you think that anyway it is a funny gadget that recalls the Blade Stealth, complete with keyboard and screen, naturally fake.

At a superficial glance, the notebook could even be mistaken for a real laptop. This is an interesting gift idea for tech lovers.

Of course, nothing to do with the original Blade Stealth, however, from the images we can assume that it can still make a good impression on the desk.

Chinese media have not revealed when the notebook will be officially launched, however it seems that you won't have to wait very long to see the notebook in official stores. Razer and probably also in online stores.