As many of you already know, the Asian company NO.1 It is known for its range of devices offered in a low-cost range, both for smartphones and smartwatches.

You will probably remember that around mid-January, NO.1 presented a new model of smartwatch, the NO.1 G3, whose design is clearly inspired by the new Samsung Gear S2.

With regard to technical specifications, the NO.1 G3 does not stand out compared to competitors because, like many other smartwatches in its class, the device allows features such as measuring heart rate, pedometer, calories burned, sleep monitor and so on.

Peculiarity of this new smartwatch concerns the possibility of full customization of the display, in fact, through a procedure described in this video, you can realize, using as a background our photos, watch-face for the NO.1 G3 completely customized.

NO.1 G3

Despite the products presented by NO.1 they do not excel in terms of originality, we can only appreciate the effort made by the company to equip this smartwatch with this interesting option for customizing watch-faces.

Fwd NO.1 G3 a marketing date has not yet been specified, despite this the device should arrive on the Asian market at a price of dollars 50, or approximately 45 € at the current exchange rate.

What do you think of the possibility to customize the watch-face on the NO.1 G3?