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Doogee Y200

The low-end market segment is constantly growing, and adopting a biometric sensor to unlock the device is no longer just a feature related to the big ones. Today we talk about the Doogee Y200, the company's first device to mount the biometric sensor in the front.

Has it been well optimized? Is it accurate? Find out everything you need to know about the new Doogee Y200 in our full review.


Doogee Y200 can be purchased on for the price of 139 € with shipping from China.

Doogee Y200, the full review of

Doogee Y200 - Sales package


Inside the sales package of the Doogee Y200 we find:

  • Doogee Y200;
  • wall charger with European socket, USB input, 1A output power;
  • USB cable - microUSB;
  • ear headphones in ear;
  • protective plastic film;
  • rigid plastic cover.

Doogee Y200 - Design and materials


The salvation of medium-low end devices is the plastic; even in the Doogee Y200, in fact, we find a body completely made of plastic and a frame only in the corners finished slightly in aluminum, but in reality always plastic is spoken.

The dimensions of the Doogee Y200 are equal to 155.5 77.1 x x 7.6mm per 138 grams of weight; overall the dimensions are comfortable to handle with one hand, and the weight is very low and well balanced.

The construction materials are only sufficient, as well as the assembly not of the best; Doogee Y200 is not free from slight creaks along the back shell, and the side buttons are not firmly attached to the structure.

Next, instead, you find the layout of the buttons and inputs on the Doogee Y200.


Starting from the lower side we find the main microphone and at the center the micro USB connector.


On the upper part, instead, there is the 3.5mm headphone jack on the left end.


On the right side then, there are the buttons to adjust the volume and follow the power button, lock and turn off.


On the opposite side, instead, there is the slot useful for inserting the two SIM cards (both supported in micro format).


On the front there is the Home button with integrated also the biometric sensor useful for unlocking the device; the accuracy is about 7 / 10, with a very low error rate.

Doogee Y200 - Display


Il of Doogee Y200 is a unit from 5.5 inches with HD resolution 1280 × 720 pixels; the panel used has technology IPS with a relatively low pixel density, equal to only 267PPI.

In concrete, however, the display is not exciting, but still guarantees good performance during use; the colors are good, the calibration also, and the viewing angles are sufficient.

What is disappointing is the maximum brightness that is slightly too low and under the sunlight it is difficult to use the device; moreover, in our unit under test, we noticed in some moments of the day the strange lines on the screen, in the upper and lower part (random behavior, not attributable to any particular use).

Touchscreen only in the media, not very fast in reactivity and in receiving touches, even if the panel is declared as "multitouch"; even the oleophobic treatment on glass OGS (One Glass Solution) is just enough and nothing more.

Doogee Y200 - Internal memory

On board the Doogee Y200 we find 32GB of internal memory, which, excluding the system partition and the memory used by the default apps, become about 26GB available User.

However, on the device it will be possible to expand the memory via Micro SD cards up to a maximum of 32GB, as long as you do not use the device in dual SIM mode, as the slot is shared and it is possible to operate a SIM + micro SD or, alternatively, two micro SIMs.

Doogee Y200 - Hardware and performance

On board the Doogee Y200 we find a medium-low range hardware, like all other competitors in the same price range; under the shell, in fact, beats a heart Mediatek and specifically theMT6735P Quad-Core from 1GHz ARM Cortex-A53, 2GB RAM memory LPDDR3 533MHz, and one GPU Mali-T720.

In detail, the Doogee Y200 does not suffer from any kind of problem in daily use, except for some drops in sporadic performance when it is considerably stressed; in everyday operations such as WEB browsing, it is not difficult.

In video playback, then, highlights difficulty only with the classic samples in 4K and H264 codecs that are not supported; movies in FullHD, MKV and MP4, on the other hand, do not create difficulties.

Finally, gaming is satisfactory above all because the details are not loaded at maximum resolution given the display only HD; the framerate in Asphalt 8 is stable even if not very high, but in any case the Doogee Y200 does not show large lag.

Next, instead, find the benchmarking performed on the Doogee Y200.

Doogee Y200 - Antutu Benchmark

Doogee Y200 - Audio

Doogee Y200

Doogee Y200 has a single speaker placed at the back, at the bottom of the body. The volume of the audio output is average, while the equalization unfortunately tends to emphasize the mid-high frequencies, reproducing a decidedly "castrated" sound.

Moreover, the placement of the speaker is not among the best, which is why in everyday use you might have some minor difficulty in hearing the arrival of some notification.

Doogee Y200 - Connectivity

In the connectivity sector, Doogee Y200 proved to be only a sufficient device, with some sporadic loss of signal; supports two SIM cards, which are enabled for data traffic under the LTE network which is fully compatible with the frequencies of our country, including band 20 (the 800MHz frequency).

Wi-Fi is average; the device can connect to even further access points, even if it often does not guarantee good browsing quality; GPS and Bluetooth, however, do not give any problem during use.

Doogee Y200 - Camera

Belonging to the medium-low segment of the market, the Doogee Y200 is a device whose camera does not enhance during daily use; despite being a bedroom 13 mega-pixels with sensor IMX219PQ Exmor R, in the field use can not offer great results.

In the daytime the shots obtained are only sufficient, with noise in the objects in the background and a definition not worthy of a room from 13 mega-pixel; the front chamber, then, is a unit from 5 mega-pixels (records videos in 720p) and also just touches sufficiency, primarily for poor definition and secondly for the sheer details.

Doogee Y200 - 720p HD video recording test

Doogee Y200 - Software

Doogee Y200 mounts the distribution of Android Lollipop 5.1, with a practically stock rom and that differs only for a set of icons different than the Android rom "pure".

The Chinese manufacturer has also integrated some applications in the OS (such as DG Xender, Documents to Go, Go Keyboard), and also a sort of "App Lock"Which allows you to block all system applications (or not) through the security code or fingerprint.

The optimization speech, however, goes in favor of the Doogee Y200 that, despite the non-top-level hardware on board, still manages to meet during daily use without too many drops in performance.

Doogee Y200 - Autonomy

Probably one of the most disappointing aspects is battery life; the Doogee Y200 owns a battery from 2200 mAh which in daily use can not guarantee sufficient autonomy to face the entire day of stressful use.

Using the device almost always under mobile data network it is difficult to reach the 3 hours of active screen, not even exceeding the 18 hours of the evening starting from the 8 in the morning. The result, overall, is not bad, but considering the SoC used (which is recognized for its low consumption) we would have expected a different and better autonomy.

Doogee Y200 - Photo Gallery

Doogee Y200 - Final considerations

Doogee Y200 is another device that fits, without infamy and without praise, in the medium-low market. Doogee Y200 is a device that with its small defects can be dedicated to a restricted user made up of beginners or anyway with no big claims.

The device, however, has a cost of approx 140 € and at the same price on the Chinese market there are many qualitatively better alternatives and with a few tens of euros more that could make the difference (primarily the "evergreen" Xiaomi Redmi Note 2).

Doogee Y200 can be purchased on for the price of 139 € with shipping from China.