Xiaomi Redmi Note 3: here is the guide to flash the Multilingual ROM with the locked bootloader

Xiaomi Note 3 Redmire

As some of you will know, the recent Xiaomi Note 3 Redmire was launched on the market with a small flaw, that is with the bootloader blocked.

Nothing relevant for users who are not interested in modding, while it is a problem for those who usually install ROM on their smartphone, as this inconvenience does not allow you to flash on your third-party ROM device.

However, according to what leaked international Xiaomi forum, it is possible to bypass this problem, managing to safely install the MIUI 6.1.11 Multilingual made by the team of Xiaomi.eu, with the interface MIUI 7 and base Android Lollipop 5.0.2.

Before explaining the guide, we want to clarify to pay close attention and read the passages well, otherwise you could cause the brick of your smartphone. Therefore GizChina.it assumes no responsibility for damages caused to your device.

Furthermore, by following this procedure we will no longer have OTA notifications future updates, which will be installed manually, in addition to cancellation of all data on the smartphone.

Here below we list the various steps to be performed:

  1. Download the necessary drivers to this link;
  2. first install ComPortDriver and then MTK-v1.0.14 on your PC;
  3. download the ROM and SP Tools a this link (747 MB);
  4. extract the archive;
  5. select "flash_tool";
  6. select "Download Agent" and choose the "DA_SWSEC.bin" file present in the "Sp Flash" folder;
  7. uncheck "Uncheck preloader" or cause the phone to brick;
  8. done this, start the flash procedure, choosing the "Download only" option;
  9. press the "Download" button;
  10. press the "Volume -" and "Power" buttons together to put the smartphone in fast boot mode;
  11. connect the smartphone to the PC;
  12. check that the red bar turns yellow;
  13. once the installation is complete, a green V will appear to confirm that the procedure was successful.

In the case, however, you want to unlock the bootloader directly, we refer you to the specific guide present at this link.